Pool full of Orbeez Experiments!

Pool full of Orbeez Experiments!

Marks Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFVXsnq230c
High speed camera rentals- https://www.Aimed-Research.com
Keep reading for more info below!

-Commonly asked questions-

•Whats with the Intro?
-It’s a reference to the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. Its not

•How did you get rid of them?

•How much did that cost?
-$800 for disposal, then $1400 for the water ball.

•Were your parents mad?

•Where did you buy the Waterballs?

•How much of them?
-1600 pounds, 25 Million.

•What are they made out of?
-Sodium Polyacrylate.

•Is that safe?
-Yes, its the same stuff in diapers. non toxic. biodegradable.

•Can I buy aluminum sculptures?
Yes, on my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/bornfromscience

Faceboook- https://www.facebook.com/TheBackyardScientistOfficial

http://imgur.com/a/ao18G heres a pic of the aluminum casting all cleaned up.

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20 Responses

  1. Weegee says:

    Am i the pnly one annoyed by the way he is holding the fishing rod?

  2. Don't Even Bother says:

    How are you gonna get them back out lol?

  3. TheRolemodel1337 says:

    bury them in the woods or dump them into the swamps
    they are actually beneficial for the soil

  4. Paniel Maniac says:

    with that haircut u do look like a mad scientist kinda creepy

  5. Bobby Bates says:

    I’m curious what the biodegrade time on the orbs is. More curious than

  6. Ethan Berrang says:

    when I get a house with a pool I. gonna do that so I can walk on water

  7. Torben Kamrath says:

    fuck yhea the intro:))

  8. Luke McMillan says:

    the shudder effect in rythem with the music was a SUPER COOL idea dude!!!
    might have something there if you got more intricate in future vids. either
    way? the experiment was interesting.

  9. RedX 1257 says:

    The intro is on purposely like stranger things I finished waching it a a
    while ago and it’s awsome

  10. Mike Gabriel says:

    can you make a video of you removing the Orbeez

  11. Majutsu Aoi says:

    The intro gives me 2012 feels.

  12. Akshay Sethi says:

    You said ball instead of bill in your description sorry for my ocd

  13. Comprarapplewatchdia26/7 E says:

    Why did the quality get down

  14. ArduinoPlays says:

    turn down the saturation on the thumbnail… it makes you guys red

  15. Devon Butler says:

    You where using the pool wrong! #number1petpeeve

  16. Bryan Montgomery says:

    What is with the trend of claiming to be a science show and then doing
    something stupid and wasteful just for views.

  17. Allah ahmud says:

    don’t like that intro

  18. Angus Farley says:

    what is the song in the intro

  19. Niga Higa says:

    Who counted the is exact number of orbeez?

  20. TacoKitty games says:

    stranger things