Pop Smoke – Tell The Vision (Audio) ft. Kanye West, Pusha T

Pop Smoke – Tell The Vision (Audio) ft. Kanye West, Pusha T

Official audio for Pop Smoke “Tell The Vision” feat. Kanye West & Pusha T available everywhere now: https://PopSmoke.lnk.to/Faith

Visual by: Ryan Frank @toonboi

#PopSmoke #Faith

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50 Responses

  1. rip says:

    SUCH A W 🐐💫👑

  2. Posso says:


  3. Kristian Marrero says:

    “I used to eat 50 cent cake” zebra cakes did they jobb ngllll😂😂🙏🏼

  4. Ojay Mendiratta says:

    Kayne said some random bullshit for 5 seconds then dipped😭

  5. BlEsSeD99 says:

    “Look MoMA i made it”
    This world is evil…

    • Gary Jackson says:

      @M Kelly bro when you grow up in the streets it’s not that easy you would know if you where from the streets not everyone as it easy like you bro some of the biggest gangsta are Smart they just didn’t have a choice pop smoke said it himself when you grow up in the streets it’s either play Ball sell drugs are rap and he did all but rap work for him you got to do what you gotta do

    • Straight Filth says:

      Rip woo

    • M Kelly says:

      @Gary Jackson you missed my entire point you fool the original comment is making pop smoke seem like he’s some type of saint who never did anything wrong.. and I did grow up in the hood .. never got in any gangs or trouble because when you have something going for yourself people learn to to bring that silly shit around you

    • BlEsSeD99 says:

      @M Kelly You know this is how hip hop go… Don’t act goofy my guy
      Pop smoke wasn’t killing innocent ppl.. so nice try dummy

    • Erebus says:

      @BlEsSeD99 the idea is talkin that type of talk will get it cause it to happen. talkin about killin all the time gon get you killed.

  6. Sniper Smith says:

    A million tears cried for the Real NY General RIP Big Woo spell Brooklyn Dior Don forever!!!!!

  7. Tristan Unknown says:

    See how I haven’t had one single ad on every single song on this album even youtube knows that this album has no misses R.I.P Pop Smoke 💨🔥♿️🐐👑

  8. rexized cactus says:

    he is still alive in our hearts as long as we remember him, he is a legend

  9. RobyNET says:


  10. MafiaTheViper Ent says:

    W💫💫 Gang Stand Up 💫✨

    This A Foking Banger 🔥🔥🔥

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