Popcorn Milk Taste Test

Popcorn Milk Taste Test

We’re adding our own spin on the movie theater classic by making custom popcorn “milk” cocktails!  GMMore #1455

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Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones https://www.bluemic.com/mouse/

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73 Responses

  1. Cindy Landaverde says:

    I’m glad I stayed up

  2. Jose Morales says:


  3. Shook._.WHATS YOUR TEA BIH ._. says:


  4. Suicide squad girl Good Night says:

    I been waiting for this day love you guys

  5. Iconic says:


  6. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Guess who’s back, back again. GMM is back, tell a friend

  7. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    How easy is it to milk a cow?

    It’s a piece of steak.

  8. rhinkmeister says:

    Have a mythical year everybody!! ❤

  9. Maisy Nelson says:

    good luck back at school and work everybody 🙂

  10. Mistake Jackson says:

    I love seeing the video before it has any dislikes so I can pretend for a small amount of time that the world makes sense.

  11. DrillFongo says:

    Where’s the skittle milk

  12. Tamra Jackson says:

    Rhett: *uses spoon like normal*

    Link: *dumps whole bowl into milk even though there’s a perfect good spoon in the bowl*

    Happy Season 15 Everybody!

  13. Black Sheep says:

    *I thought the word in WHAT’S THE WORD is **_skrattar du förlorar du_** .*

  14. YourDezzy says:

    *meh kids these days.*

    • Chris M says:

      Whoever made it also used a company to hide their identity. I don’t get it. It also says it’s been registered since 1996 so they can’t still be kids.

    • YourDezzy says:

      +Chris M Yeah! The person behind the domain is hiding. I wonder what the purpose of the site is, and if he’s gonna update it or let it expire in November. Spooooky

    • John_Hmstr says:

      +YourDezzy often times domains being held for future use do things like this. 1996 would have been very early in the wider life of the internet so likely was someone who obtained it way back for personal use and is sitting on it.

    • TJC_ Sumo says:

      I read this comment literally when Link said it im creeped out now

    • YourDezzy says:

      +TJC_ Sumo Hahah

  15. Directorren 13 says:

    “let me lick your chocolate fingers.” Kinda sounds like something cotton candy Randy would say.

  16. EJ Banfield says:

    In love with the New intros!! 😀

  17. Zoe's Zoo says:

    I love how the sound effect that starts off GMMore has stayed the same, regardless of how the show changes in other ways ❤

  18. Jessica Ross says:

    Where else would you find out that buttered popcorn will milk?
    Brand new intro, brand new episode, brand new mug that I shall be sipping from soon, but same awesome mythical team. Bring on 2019?

  19. pho3nixmatt says:

    Which begs the question, why did you not do cow milk…ground beef milk…?

  20. TehDankKnight says:

    I’m baaaaackkkkkk. Happy 2019. Can we have an episode (maybe a few) of Rhett feeding a blindfolded Link, seemingly normal foods that Link thinks he doesn’t like, but has never actually tried? Guessing there are quite a lot of foods. (Going to keep posting till it happens) Link’s revenge can be feeding Rhett random animal livers. Please leave a like 🙂

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