Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Pandemonium | The Daily Show

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Pandemonium | The Daily Show

Roy Wood Jr. shares his feelings on the wild popularity of the new Popeyes chicken sandwich as customers desperately search for the sold-out item.

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94 Responses

  1. ongama matshoba says:

    A Bernie Sandwich ???

  2. Dave says:

    “That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

  3. Kade Coles says:

    Guys let’s hold Roy wood jr up to it! He announced his presidency and promised me a sandwich vote Roy 2020!

    • Antonio Sraffa says:

      @Johnathon Wooters
      You brought empirically-based social theory to a YouTube comments fight?
      That’s like bringing policy and expertise to a presidential debate. (SAD!)

    • Who Knows says:

      Yeah! Roy 2020! Make Popeyes Great Again!

    • D S says:

      I’m Southern and I would never turn down a fried chicken sandwich…he’s got my vote…hell, I bet he’d win the whole South…it’s the new (and MUCH better) “Southern Strategy”. 🙂

    • Blair Brown says:

      He would likely be a much more competent President than the current WH occupant.

  4. The Connonedrum says:

    The crazy thing is that the Popeyes chicken sandwich was out over two months ago. It wasn’t until the Twitter advertising that got it hyped up.

  5. marisandinianimelove says:

    This is the best gag Roy Wood Jr had ever done!!! ????

  6. Kristy Mckinney says:

    I’m in love with Roy Wood Jr.

    • zztop3000 says:

      I can’t be, I’m a man, but I support his candidacy and would definitively vote for him. America needs Roy Wood Jr, Roy Wood Jr needs America, it’s a match

    • Courtney Fisher says:

      He’s pretty funny, especially how serious his facial expressions look, even when he’s joking.

  7. goldeneaglereborn says:

    Only in US of a. A man suing because he didn’t get a chicken sandwich

  8. BlaqRainFresh says:

    Haven’t even attempted to get the sandwich, not really interested, but for some reason that Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade video with her dancing with it made me really mad!

  9. Tiger- Lilly says:

    Can’t forget Diplo popping out of a jet with two full bags of chicken sandwiches

  10. TRINA X says:

    This cant be real life… ?

  11. MAINE BLANCO says:

    America and it’s food addictions ???.

  12. Sarkastik Leader says:

    When Roy Wood jr stood up at the end, he should’ve had a couple of the chicken sandwiches fall out of his coat ???

  13. MFTN2 says:

    Would have been funny if Trevor just pulled out a Popeyes Chicken sandwich during the speech lol

  14. yonas menghis says:

    this sounds like an episode from the “Boondocks”

  15. Simon'sFine says:

    Is this an episode of the Boondocks?

  16. lilcw76 says:

    Roy Wood Jr is a national treasure and must be protected at all cost!

  17. Jeff Léger says:

    White, Black, Browns,… everyone loves some good chicken. No exception!

  18. sisanda ngema says:

    “I might not fix schools I dont know anything about health care” ???? such an honest politician

  19. schiz0phren1c says:

    this is literally life imitating art,
    there’s a Boondocks episode where the whole usa goes nucking futs over a chicken sammich.

  20. Kenya M says:

    “That child’s life has been all milk and applesauce, he ain’t ready for Popeyes” ???

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