Popeyes vs Chick-Fil-A | Couples Mukbang ??

Popeyes vs Chick-Fil-A | Couples Mukbang ??

WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK IS BETTER? The Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich. We Decided To Test It Out!

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72 Responses

  1. The Smooth Family says:


  2. TruckingWithTay says:

    Dude I freakin love her, Gio my guy she compliments you well man!!
    She’s smart✅
    She speak well✅
    She’s pretty ✅
    She’s super nice✅
    She’s a 10 Lil homie don’t
    mess this up♥️

  3. LondonmadeNB says:

    Who here not from America and hasn’t tried either sandwiches ??

  4. vCxutious Assault says:

    i would watch Ashleys channel if she make one??‍♂️

  5. Kwame's Web says:

    This is how long Gio and Ash gon be together

    I bet 100 dollars Gio gon like this

    Damn… Ash got so confident on camera?

  6. Kamari Rutledge says:

    Ain’t no chick fil a sandwich without chick fil a sauce ?

  7. keke b says:

    See y’all playing games just eat the damn sandwich lol ?

  8. Jewel Pickett says:

    He hit the jack pot with Ashley she dope you know she real and she beautiful and respect her self and she dope ??. She so beautiful couple goals need more vids of y’all

  9. Judy M says:

    lol ashley is soooo cute and overall great personality. Gio dont mess it up

  10. Kelly Kidd says:

    The Popeyes sandwich had me waiting for the first bite ????

  11. Jaleel Shahid says:

    It took Ashley forever to swallow that first bite of CHICK-FIL-A.

  12. Tecca 47 says:

    Popeyes robbed the krabby patty formula ???

  13. Ayantu Bedaso says:

    Bro I can’t get over how bomb Ashley is like her smile and everything and she’s so confident like BADDD BITCHHHH (if I looked like her I wouldn’t know how to act)

  14. Kenya’s Corner says:


  15. orange peaches says:

    ashley is just so beautiful omgggg….gio got himself a DIME ??

  16. Jay says:

    If u think bout it Popeyes really gettin chick fil $$ cuz ppl be getting both to compare ?

  17. Tay' Baby says:

    She wifey wifey, she even scraped the food out your teeth wid her nails now that’s lovee?

  18. Umm I’m Ant says:

    I don’t know if I come for the Popeyes or Ashley ?

  19. Jazmin Solis says:

    gawd dam y’all take long asf to take a bite ????‍♀️

  20. Lhenns says:

    I dont want ashley to start her own channel then I’d be seeing too much of her, that fact that I barely see her makes me cherish her more? gio you lucky af

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