Poppy Playtime Imposter Mod in Among Us

Poppy Playtime Imposter Mod in Among Us

We add a MEAN Poppy Playtime Mod in Modded Among Us!

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🎶 Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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19 Responses

  1. rumble mouth says:

    I like it how he just walks it doesn’t rushes to hug the crewmates like I don’t know why but I will literally be running rushing and out of breath LOL

  2. SonicDa TalkingBall says:

    5:01 when ssundee escaped before he died, it was so cool, a good ending if you wanna call it that

  3. i7ma7hz says:

    I appreciate the content that you make ssundee it provides entertainment and its family friendly. Keep it up 👍

  4. Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE says:

    When Ian is eating everyone and making the eating noise is so wholesome 😆

  5. KingCon_2009 says:

    ssundee: now im slowed for ever!!!

    also ssundee 10 seconds later: walking normal speed

  6. shadow vlogger says:

    mod idea:a quiet place: The player gets 5 rocks but they can go look for more,or they can hold there breath for 10 seconds,but there are bottles around the mp and if the player steps on them the monster will know there position, the monster gets 5 abilities invis,claw,echo location,jump scare that stuns players for 5 seconds,they can call a other monster to go after a person but the person can hold there breath and survive

  7. Kaide Crowley says:

    You should do the trolls mod where the crew members are trolls trying to escape the burgan who is trying to bring there happiness down to kill them and to escape their happiness meter needs to be full and their tasks have to be done. The way to get their happiness up is by dancing and singing.

  8. Kittenlover5123 says:

    Finally, another scary mod. I’ve been waiting so long. You should do a scary mod about I think it was called, “Lost Silver”

  9. Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE says:

    Anyone else hope he’d play the real poppy playtime? That would be hilarious

  10. Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE says:

    Remember back in the day when they had meetings to discuss who the imposter was, and nowadays they just have to survive the big bad. Lol.

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