‘Porch Pirate’ Who Allegedly Stole Packages Leaves Apology Note

‘Porch Pirate’ Who Allegedly Stole Packages Leaves Apology Note

After a suspected porch pirate was caught by a Florida homeowner’s camera taking two boxes, the alleged thief returned one of the packages with an apology. The homeowners, who live in Kissimmee outside Orlando, said they found the package with a handwritten note last week. “I know no apologies could make up for what I did,” the letter said. “I did not go to your house with the intentions to steal. I have never done anything like this in my life, I come from a good family and good morals.”

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70 Responses

  1. doomsy day says:

    Adleast he gave the package back

  2. Donald Shrump says:

    “I did not go to your house with the intentions to steal”.

    Nah you were there to sell me Girl Scout cookies and ask me to join your church.

  3. A.o.D says:

    Do not turn yourself in!! You return the stuff there is no victim!!.. he learned his lesson he doesn’t need a criminal record

    • Dewi Lew says:

      Danny Black you don’t think that cringe worthy little praying hand gesture before he left was for the camera? Lol….

    • NewBurger says:

      I think the guy should be in jail and left him there for life sentence, fed him with his inmate feces and may he die slowly and rot in there.
      Doesn’t matter if he still has humanity or not just take him to prison.
      Ughhh, disgusting criminals.

      Don’t be mad at me. I’m right, hear my opinion, ok?!

  4. I Am Not A Chef Chopchopmuthafucka says:

    The plot thickens… it was only school supplies and females underwear. So he brought it back

  5. Cade Yerges says:

    He probably only returned it because someone told him they had cameras, that’s why he added the praying gesture too

  6. we are number one #### says:

    Its the somaili pirate

  7. Aa AA says:

    Haha… another sorry coz u were caught case

  8. Nosgoth of Kain says:

    Did he know that he was caught on camera “before returning the stuff”? That makes a difference.

    • Anubïs says:

      +john suarez he didnt look once at the camera….

    • john suarez says:

      +Anubïs your right he didn’t look at the camera….. I guess he just thought they could see his condolences thru a door or wall…. Lol

    • Crazando anonymous says:

      +john suarez that’s not the only reason people do the prayer motion, do you think people don’t give prayers when others aren’t watching

    • john suarez says:

      +TRI CLAN right cause the package was the victim…. We’ve established already he didn’t see the camera… At Least not while on camera.

  9. Above and Beyond says:


  10. darkespeon64 says:

    eh he gave the package back leave the kid alone and fill our prison with real criminals

  11. KasunoHere says:

    I felt like they should’ve blur his face

  12. Zay Man says:

    Wait he needs to turn him self in why he gave it back and wrote a apology letter if anything that other friends needs to be punished for getting him into this mess

  13. Michael Adams says:

    Don’t trust the Police dude! I’d wait and talk with the home owner 1st

  14. I'm just bored leave me alone says:

    He was a Jehovah witness.

  15. Benjamin Chang says:

    He returned it cause it wasn’t anything he wanted lol

  16. 「Angel」 L says:

    Lies he knew what he was doing and he got taken in video so know he’s acting like the good guy

  17. licia love says:

    It was probably nothing that he would want that’s why he returned it

  18. Danielle Smith says:

    I think everyone just wants to know what’s in the package 😂😂😂😂

  19. ethan young says:

    Why would he turn himself in? He returned all the items and wrote a note apologizing for what he did

  20. ray the person says:

    Turn myself in? I wrote the note let’s not get carried away here buddy

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