Pork Brain Smoothie Taste Test

Pork Brain Smoothie Taste Test

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20 Responses

  1. Prfz says:

    the dood is the type of guy to wrap a towel around his head after leaving the shower xD

  2. Allen Lin says:

    Dang, I love steak.

  3. seidimeow says:

    Man I lobe smoothies, but these constant nasty taste tests are starting to ruin them for me ?

  4. TheSweetie333 says:

    i wish they would bring back ear biscuits

  5. MandyTheBear says:

    Too bad the brain wasn’t boiled for safety! Very dangerous!

  6. MemePosting says:

    Linky and the Brain?

  7. Alexis Evans says:

    6:35 “Just donkey lip it.” Nice throwback Link. Also I love how he uses “donkey lip” as a verb.

  8. brandon Memewig says:

    you should make him a regular guest. I can’t get enough of vsauce

  9. Joshie Sushi says:

    I love how Michael talked about what was going on in his head when he woke up and tried to leave the room. He didn’t say it in the actual video, but I guess I did realise it was something like that.

  10. Austin McDuffee says:

    link broke for a few seconds at 6:50

  11. Courtney Nash says:

    WOW! V-Sauce really knows how to bring out the best in this awesome duo.

  12. Ayu Syahirah says:

    This guy is pretty amazing, I just subscribed!

  13. Samantha Miele says:

    The synergy between you three is awesome, so funny together.

  14. WardahTheBlaqQ says:

    “Let’s not talk about that” – Link Neal 2017

  15. Senor_Onion says:

    Did anyone else crack up at “I am a man. I do love wood” XD

  16. Archie P says:

    I remember when my sociology class tried pranking me in the subject of conformity because I was absent the previous class. I beat them all

  17. Sarah says:

    Michael is so fricking smart, it amazes me! I wish he was my teacher xD

  18. seidimeow says:

    6:52 …I don’t think that smoothie was boiled for safety

  19. Jessica Driver says:

    (8:00) Poodle skirks and Letterman/ leather jackets

  20. Not Rhett Mclaughlin says:

    6:50 one of those many times Link forgets that theres thousands of people watching.

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