Post Malone Debuts His Song from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack

Post Malone Debuts His Song from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack

Post Malone chats with Jimmy about how Justin Bieber ruined his first tattoo and gives a first listen to an unreleased song from the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack.

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Post Malone Debuts His Song from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack


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65 Responses

  1. Ryan Khairul says:

    Post Malone looks like a middle school detention desk

  2. Samad Farooq says:

    烈ost Malone’s songs are lit af, they never get old…胼踢

  3. Teagan Denny says:

    Post is so polite like wow hes so sweet I never realised

    • Phoebz Squared says:

      +Alex A Right? I watched this interview to see what all the fuss was about. I only saw him perform at the VMAs once, I didn’t like it. I was shocked to discover how polite, humble and honest he is. I adored him in about 60 seconds. I gave his music a second chance and…….nope, absolutely hate it, but he an AMAZING human being!

    • HebonyShow TV says:

      He’s aight. Met him at an airport once

    • Blanco Negro says:

      He is legit a nice person. He is always nice to paparazzis, like ALWAYS. He still take care of the people who took him to LA prior fame.

    • carole forsey says:

      Watch his streams

    • ? says:

      Yeah but nothing came out of this interview…It’s all drugs and stupid fans making stupid people famous.

  4. Madison Koskiven says:

    “thank you sir” do you hear me *crying*

  5. Sara Jade says:

    the way he said thank you >sir< .... posty ...ur such a cute potato man

  6. Neo Naorem says:

    No need for mumble rapper we only need HUMBLE RAPPER like POST

    • Dom S says:

      Josiah Suarez wiki isn’t reliable. But post does rap sometimes.

    • 1VipX says:

      Trilluminati Jamison you’re ignorant af lol, talking about vocabulary and you can’t even type correctly…

    • Oscar Rafael says:

      A humble mumble rapper, thats a new one lol

    • KOLBY says:

      I cringed so much at that Comment

    • Josiah Suarez says:

      Trilluminati Jamison Oh fuck off you literally know nothing about me and here you are assuming I know nothing of hip hop or rap. Ive listened to hip hop since I was young, Im now 29. Hop off youre high horse. Just because I consider Post both a rapper and singer doesnt mean I dont know real rap like damn are you mentally challenged? Where the fuck does that logic come from? A rapper is someone who raps, what does Post do? Oh, if you actually had a brain (which you do not clearly) he raps! It may not be his main genre, but he raps so thats what a rapper does. You got a stick so far up your ass there buddy. Been well versed in hip hop since Jay back in the day from his Black album, Dre and The Chronic, I remember listening to Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders, Slim Shady EP and also grew up on Nas with Illmatic. If anyone is a clown and doesnt know rap here its you, dumbass. Clearly youre just too dumb to comprehend someone who raps (despite it not being the only genre they do) is still considered a rapper. Now sit down, Like Pac said, Im not a killer but dont push me, douchebag.

  7. Stony P says:

    Classic example of never judge a book by it’s cover

  8. Amirull Jaafar says:

    Post Malone is so humble and down to earth guy.

  9. Candace Miller says:

    Post Malone just did a song with an underground artist named 17 Stacks. Thats why I like him hes willing to give someone else a chance too. Thumbs up for Post Malone !!! plus he has dope music too 五

  10. Dance Hoe Hoseok says:

    I’ll never understand how people can hate on Post. You don’t like his music? Understandable. Him tho? He seems like the chillest, kindest, down-to-earth kinda dude. “Thank you, sir”. C’mon, the man is so lovable.

  11. Daniel Tolbert says:

    I love the way he admits to relying on auto tune and doesnt care. More less every artist uses it but a lot dont want to admit it. Love Posty

  12. ScarlettP says:

    “No, that’s autotune”
    Well at least he admits it lmfao

  13. She blinded me with Science says:

    All logic dictates hes not attractive then you hear him talk and see that personality and then damn uff

  14. SK Newt says:

    Hes so humble and nice…I love that

  15. lovingchristina says:

    People really judge him by his face tattoos but he’s polite, humble and sweet

  16. Ch0c0 Ch0c0 says:

    His moustach is like 2 dogs kissing. Lol!

  17. MissKennedy18 says:

    Wow hes so respectful. Manners make him sexy

  18. M.L. Soll says:

    His personality is so attractive

  19. Jamie Christine says:

    Post Malone making me smile for 6:49 min straight

  20. Hi There says:

    Thank you sir he is so sweet, as first I thought he was this disrespectful rapper ya know, but he is so sweet and nice its unbelievable

    • Pat Bruno says:

      Hi There anyone can pull it off for 10 minutes bud. Moriah carey is polite and sweet on tv too. And shes a crazy asshole

    • Zakading says:

      Post still never had any big controversies or got any negative reputation from his behaviour. He’s been on several podcasts with his friends and in there YouTube videos and never acted like an ass in any of them either. I’d be surprised if all of that is just one giant act.

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