Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

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  1. Lukkao says:

    POST 💙💙💙

  2. Jonno Plays says:

    Think about it… This dude uploaded White Iverson to SoundCloud and now we have Post Malone. Pretty fuckin cool 😎

    • City on a hill says:

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    • Jee says:

      And now he won’t even talk to H3H3….

    • J Greenseed says:

      That was pre Malone, this is post lol

  3. Cam Steady says:

    Such a good song choice for this type of performance

  4. Maulana Ardiansyah says:

    This performance concept is so fucking crrraaazzzyyy! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Yuriel Cundangan says:

    Real Fact: Everyone that listened to Post’s Grammys immediately healed:

  6. HughJass44 says:

    It takes serious balls to sing about how fucked Hollywood is right in front of their faces. Way to go, Posty 🤘

  7. DaBigBenTheory says:

    He’s definitely channeling Ozzy in that outfit. Ozzy is like All Might and Post is his Deku. That’s my head canon and I’m sticking to it.

  8. WhatInTheWorld says:

    People really don’t give post the credit he deserves… I feel like everyone hating can’t see past the face tatts.

    • D0wnshift says:

      Kinda how it works. How you present yourself to the world is how people will judge you, and people with face tats don’t have a good track record as the kind of person I’d lend my cell phone to. People can do it, sure. People that take the time, may look past em, eventually. But many won’t bother. It’s just human nature. You can hate it, but it is what it is.

    • LYRICS & EDITS says:


    • Girls always end up Being single says:

      We don’t like him because he doesn’t respect hip hop.

  9. Imran Farhan says:

    He doesn’t need a grammy. Cuz his talent is outside of this world.

  10. Lauren Williamson says:

    Don’t know about anyone else but post malones voice always gives me goosebumps…his voice is just heaven

  11. Pit Money says:

    Brazil loves Posty! YAHOOOOOO

  12. Ryan Franklin says:


  13. marie says:

    To be honest all those Grammy shit, do not deserve him. He’s a fucking legend

  14. Karissa Bekkering says:

    He should do the next NFL half time show.

  15. ធុច ចន្ថា-Thoch Chantha [Official] says:

    I love this types

  16. Religious Wraith says:

    “go to hell” to the people who say he can’t sing without autotune

    Listen to this masterpiece of this LEGEND

    • jp m says:

      There’s auto-tune on most of the trailing notes at the end of each verse. It’s that automated vibrato at the end of the final notes at the end of the song. He can sing. But this vocal performance has effects all over it. Just sayin… ✌️

    • prodbyreed says:

      @jp m spot on. Very talented singer, but live performances are not raw vocals

    • Dan D says:

      Hahah when you listen to so much auto tune that slightly less auto tune sounds natural to you 😂 no hate though I like that way it sounds and whether he can sing without it or not is besides the point , he still makes good music .

    • TheOutsidersPost says:

      Get your ears checked. You need to take away all the effects. You know this guy wouldn’t make it on American idol.

  17. katelyn y says:

    i don’t necessarily like post malone but this…this was raw, and real.

  18. CG5 says:


  19. TimeBucks says:

    This was such a great performance

  20. AttackingTucans says:

    what a phenomenal performance 😍

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