Post Malone – Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

Post Malone – Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

Music video by Post Malone performing Take What You Want (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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75 Responses

  1. Ali Maarite says:

    Ozzy Travis and Post in a single song, that’s sick holy crap never thought id saw that

  2. 12345678910 says:

    A Collab we never expected in a million years, but we are ready to support


  3. Joseph Harding says:

    *Who else’s soul left their body at the guitar solo?*

  4. Bradley2086 says:

    That legendary guitar solo at the end sent chills down my spine. ?

  5. Mrs. Beast says:

    The dislikes are family members of that one bat who had its head bit off

  6. Papa Biscuits says:

    Weirdest combo I’ve ever heard, but my God it works so well…

  7. Sherrell Newby says:

    Wow! He sounds amazing at any age. Still shaking my head at the people thinking he wasn’t famous prior to this! ?????

  8. Jogger says:

    Yeahhh I’m gonna need a music vid for this ??

  9. Roman says:

    POST’S MANAGER: “How many feats do you want?”
    POST: “YES.”

  10. Roman says:


  11. kylejbb says:

    It’s actually so sad how many people don’t know Ozzy Osbourne.

  12. ۰۪۫K۪۫۰۰۪۫N۪۫۰۰۪۫O۪۫۰۰۪۫X۪۫۰ says:

    The Legend Ozzy is back with the best collab ever <3

  13. 030 Kultur says:

    Literally got goosebumps when i heard this for the First Time

    And died at the guitar solo lol

  14. Big lantern boi says:

    Everybody:endgame’s the most ambitious crossover ever

    Ozzy:hold my bat

  15. Nine7C says:

    Lil Nas X: I have the best crossover song

    Post Malone & Ozzy: hold my drugs

  16. Pinhead Larry says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus: I had the best comeback of all time

    Ozzy Osbourne: *SHAAARRROOON!* bring me my crack

  17. Brian Dyas says:

    No idea who post mal9ne is. Ozzy is the voice of an entire genre.


  18. Mitchell Stewart says:

    I never thought I would hear Ozzy singing over trap drums

  19. Tin Kiosc says:

    People who haven’t heard of Ozzy.

    Would absolutely flip out over Black Sabbath. ?

  20. Tyler Goulet says:

    Anyone that says post made ozzy famous, can burn in eternal hellfire.

    • Nudah Not Verified says:

      @ksweazy6 what tf makes you think it’s a joke? You aren’t him you don’t know if it was or not

    • T Hof says:

      Post Malone fans must be fuckin retarded. Braindead bastards

    • ksweazy6 says:

      Nudah Not Verified it’s a meme that’s on twitter and has been shared through other socials. Good chance most of these are jokes. Even if their not no need to make death threats ?

    • travis stoner says:

      I agree totally

    • DoDoVich II says:

      I really dont get why “og” Ozzy fan would even be made about people discovering trough post malone. If ya’ll like ozzy that much wouldnt the fact that he’s managing to get deals with major labels and gaining new fans be a good a thing?

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