Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden

Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden

Jimmy has never tried the Olive Garden before, so Post Malone takes him to experience his favorite restaurant the right way.

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Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden


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86 Responses

  1. Sekkendou says:

    “Jimothy…” with that tucked hand lean. lol For real, great moment.

  2. spllitz says:

    Still waiting on his pc

  3. tanisha dey says:

    I’ve never loved anyone the way I love post

  4. Aou Celloutus says:

    I think Post fell asleep in the limo and Jimmy drew all over his face.

  5. SEBΞ›ZTI says:

    H3 memes spilling over to traditional media 6:31

  6. destro513 says:

    I am sorry but Post Malone is the single greatest thing ever

  7. qwert zuiop says:

    0:49 i thought post malone asked her if she had boobs

  8. BABY - Become A Better You says:

    *Why does their table look like an 80’s soap set-up?*

  9. Sheraz Ahmad says:

    His limo looks like a 10 years old girl’s bedroom πŸ˜€

  10. Zak says:

    Post malone: * Eats bread*
    Jimmy falone: HAHAHAHAHAHH

  11. klofrau9331397 says:

    00:52 Post Malone – multiple million dollgar musician, still acts like a full debt student when he can get something free – love him!

  12. Matt Amys says:

    Post Malone: I’m gonna show you the Olive Garden Breadstick Post Malone style…
    Puts butter on the bread.

  13. Maria s says:

    I ain’t never got free wine at olive garden

    • Kelsey Collins says:

      Next time you go if they don’t offer tell the manager they are supposed to offer to every table (I work there)

    • Shanessa Blagrove says:

      +Kelsey Collins kl I love olive garden!!!

    • Brittney Herrly says:

      I mean, if you’re not of the legal age limit they won’t offer, and sometimes if you look young they wont. But if you ask about it, they do let you sample.
      Im giving such a serious answer but i feel like you might be joking also.

    • I Like Waffles says:

      Maria s That’s because you’re not Post Malone or Jimmy Fallon

    • Zach VanGundy says:

      Don’t tell a manager, just ask your server, I bartend at OG and trust me most of the time when they don’t offer it’s not on purpose, just ask

  14. Ayati Bhatnagar says:

    *Jimmy, you’re the best dad ever* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. mdawsss18 says:

    wait, did no one see Jimmy’s double failed hand shake at 0:36

  16. Yoot Uber says:

    If I walk into olive garden and order “the post malone”, they better bring the whole damn basket of croutons

  17. BABY - Become A Better You says:

    *Why does it look like Cardi B will jump out that limo and start throwing shoes?*

  18. Dario Hall says:

    I LOVE THAT HES A MYTHICAL BEAST (Good Mythical Morning) “what a guy”

  19. The Groovy Guitar Dude says:

    Post just seems like the absolute chillest dude to hang out with!

  20. itsKristiii says:

    Post is so chill I love it

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