Post Malone – Wow.

Post Malone – Wow.

“Wow.” by Post Malone. Song available here:

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Kind of directed by James DeFina
Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf

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45 Responses

  1. H A R V E Y says:

    The vibe I get off this

    Wanna throw my cat out the window

  2. CTB Josh says:

    The Song Beat and Music video is ???Who’s here before 2m-10m??????

  3. Dead Fool/ someone says:

    This feels like a actual 2019 song.

  4. Just a random girl spitting facts says:

    Who’s here before 1MIL??

  5. Sunjei Cho says:

    Director : So how many cities do you wanna feature in the video?
    Post : Yes

  6. qualityharmonizer 4H says:

    Please ft LAUREN Jauregui ??

  7. J G says:

    Love it!!! It’s so real!! ❤️❤️ cus it’s not rehearsed or scripted! So real jus like him!! Love you Posty!! ??? keep up the incredible work !! ? ? ?

  8. I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me says:

    He looks like he could be a dad and a son at the same time

    • Anne Marie Giglio says:

      Huh? He needs to wash all that black marker scribble off his face. Is that supposed to be attractive?

  9. El tapia97 says:

    posty this song is so fire dude ?

  10. Daniel Fernando says:

    this is how many times you will repeat this song.


  11. E Salas says:

    I had a friend that said post Malone was overrated

    I had a friend

  12. Lady Trader says:

    *OMG, it”s very good video*

  13. Kshivod Singh Jaswal says:

    When you realise the old guy dances better then you


    This song and video are Wow. ???

  15. Black Crow says:

    I showed this to my little brother…

    He said wow….

    He’s now my lil bro ????

  16. Kaitlyn Taylor says:

    This Music video got me saying “WOW.”

  17. Mr Wilson says:

    Here before this get’s 10 mil views…

  18. Cool Dool says:

    hi person scrolling down in the comments, have a nice day ?

  19. Максим Максименко says:

    I played it to my horse now it is G-wagon

  20. God of Moisture says:

    Sad how young he’ll die from drinking and smoking as much as he does

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