Post Malone – “Wow.”

Post Malone – “Wow.”

“Wow.” by Post Malone. Song available here:

Animation, Design & Direction: Jaime Restrepo (@jaimerestrepo77)

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69 Responses

  1. Moneyway says:

    *Someone listen to my music ?? I just need a chance*

  2. Tabu says:

    Post’s manager: How many hits you want to make?

    Post: Yes

  3. Fallen Zerxiez says:

    Showed this to my dad and he said


  4. hoahioful d says:

    I am a simple guy.
    I see Post Malone, I click.

  5. Jaslene Jordan says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and post Malone i love this song and the pics are creative

  6. Johnny Tang says:

    God damn! This joint so lit it’s on repeat 24/7!

  7. Johnny Tang says:

    Post Malone everything lit? Not surprised muthafukas! ??????????????????????????????

  8. NC chrax says:

    Loop button
    Thank me later

  9. SnazzyDroll says:

    This shit going to blow up ?

  10. fish on ohio says:

    New song on Christmas Eve by post Malone what can you ask for.. Merry Christmas to you all

  11. Ēnig - music says:

    This song has a weird chirtmas vibe. Damn

  12. SocalBeautiful Gardens says:

    Thanks for the Christmas gift Posty!

  13. Camilizer Louise says:

    like if you’re here before 1M views

  14. Crusher says:

    Posty with the unannounced release! ? Merry Christmas ?? & god bless your family if u see this! ?? ❤️

  15. Selena Fowler says:

    His voice is so unique. Love u post ❤

  16. Radian says:

    You can use the pause button as a fire extinguisher.

  17. Pollo Loko! says:

    He probably gonna eat olive Garden for Christmas

  18. Alex Jukoski says:

    Like for Prescott and the Cowboys division champions

  19. Dangles TV says:

    Hit or miss. I guess posty always drops Hits huh.

  20. AMG MONEY says:

    Here before females start lip singing on snap

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