Post Malone x Nirvana Tribute – Livestream

Post Malone x Nirvana Tribute – Livestream

Post Malone: Nirvana Tribute Livestream April 24, 2020 at 6PM EST.

This event will raise funds for The United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organization (WHO) in support of COVID-19 relief efforts. Fans will be able to make donations to the UN Foundation in real time during the livestream event by using the “DONATE” button on the bottom or right hand side of the screen. will be matching all donations at a 2:1 rate, up to $5M, with all proceeds going to the UN Foundation.


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82 Responses

  1. RONIN says:

    Post Malone & Travis Barker this shit legendary

  2. Konstantin M says:

    Mad respect to Post (& Co.) for:
    – Fundraising
    – Nirvana tribute
    – Don Julio on his shelf

    • Robert Anastase says:

      Its better to donate to your local hospitals and such, rather than donating to WHO which fucked us over hard.

    • Dead Infested says:

      @Robert Anastase True but remember artists could be contractually obligated to do this. WHO and China are both to blame for this and we all know it but regardless these were great nirvana covers and I enjoyed it.

    • brandonboom says:

      Mad respect for an artist playing someone else’s music that’s much more popular? It’s a scam to get Nirvana fans watching, not post malone fans. Also, donating to the WHO is fucking retarded.

  3. Christian Cardoso says:

    Parabéns espetacular nós Brasileiros estamos orgulhosos dessa bela homenagem e melhor mostrando todo seu talento 🤘🤘🤘🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. Christopher Keune says:

    This changed my feelings of Post from Luke Warm to Generation Leading Artist…Well done!

  5. I Am Hunterific says:

    God thank you Puddle of Mudd for sucking so bad that we got this incredible performance

    • gt_hachi_roku says:

      I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one on here talking shit about wes’s shit performance 😂😂 post just ended him

  6. Marcel Fidelis says:

    I’m surprised that Travis is so serious.

  7. ProPlayer says:

    THIS IS HIS GENRE!!! he needs to make grunge great again

    • Stephen Frost says:


    • Dead Inside says:

      New grunge music has been around for the last few years, it’s just sad that some bands dissapear because it doesn’t get enough exposure, but the underground scene has/had grunge bands like Superheaven, Teenage Wrist and also Balance And Composure to name a few. It’s just not popular enough anymore.

    • Walter Alvarado says:

      Can’t wait for this new album he cookin up!!! 🔥

    • OGGOAT_ _ says:

      @PM me your Mommy Issues shit i’m for it..hate trap music and dumbed down commercialized edm music

  8. Timothy DeMell says:

    I love how he doesn’t play Smells Like Teen Spirit. Don’t get me wrong, SLTS is a great and important song, but it’s great that Post is introducing Kurt’s other songs to a large audience.

  9. evildadatron says:

    I had no idea Post could sing like that, as a huge Nirvana fan I think his voice was fucking amazing in these covers! The rest of the band sounded nice and thick too, thanks for this boys!

    • Batch & Beezy Also known as Rosemary and Tiffany says:

      evildadatron me either until about six months ago. My 20 year old second child/friend made me listen to him. I LOVE him and I am a grunge kid. 42, raised on the Dead and Rock and Roll. He’s an amazing artist

    • Batch & Beezy Also known as Rosemary and Tiffany says:

      evildadatron I had tickets to his show on SF – the first to get canceled!

    • evildadatron says:

      Batch & Beezy Also known as Rosemary and Tiffany haha, we’re both 42 and even though I’m no Blink-182 fan, I do love and respect their talent, enough to say I’m even a fan of Travis Barker. I grew up on Ministry, Butthole Surfers, Beastie Boys, NIN, Pantera and Nirvana to get a taste of my influences from my era. Post Malone did right by this performance in honoring one of the best bands of all time and for an amazing cause!

    • S says:

      It’s called a sound effect

  10. Paul McNally says:

    Post Malone nailed this whole set!! As a lifelong Nirvana fan, they even played my favorite song first!

  11. Alex Gorman says:

    Never was a Post Malone fan before this. I grew up listening to Nirvana in the 90’s, and as soon as they started with Francis Farmer I instantly knew that this was people playing music they love, not people just playing the hits and trying to capitalize off of Nirvana. Thank you for treating the music I cherished with respect, and I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

  12. Sean Gallagher says:

    Damn, just realized Post wasn’t even born when Kurt passed. I’m a 90’s kid who grew up on Nirvana, I I am going to say: respect.

  13. Posty ._.m says:

    Not a Nirvana fan but a post malone fan. After watching this am now a Nirvana fan 💕

  14. devilorchard says:

    Track Listing:
    01. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle”
    02. “Drain You”
    03. “Come As You Are”
    04. “Lounge Act”
    05. “School”
    06. “Heart-Shaped Box”
    07. “Something In The Way”
    08. “About A Girl”
    09. “Stay Away”
    10. “Lithium”
    11. “Breed”
    12. “On A Plain”
    13. “Very Ape”
    14. “Territorial Pissings”
    15. “In Bloom”

  15. 2 years of hype for a 2 minute fight says:

    This dude doesn’t need autotune. What a brilliant performance.

  16. Kayla De Swardt says:

    ” No I don’t have a gun”

    Gold AK47 behind him…. Lol😂🔫🤣

  17. Jeff Barrett says:

    Post Malone: “No, I don’t have a gun.”
    Me: Looking at gold AK-47s on wall behind him.

  18. Pablo Toscano says:

    A real Nirvana tribute never plays “smells like teen spirit” ! Post Malone u rock man!

  19. Scadoosh says:

    MADD respect to this guy for not playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    • André El Latino says:

      Scadoosh Facts. Even Kurt was sick of it

    • Beard of Bees Pool says:

      @André El Latino nope.. Kurt told Bitch Vig he liked the entire album after he recorded Nevermind.. It wasn’t until years he said he resented the entire album. Not just SLTS

    • OGGOAT_ _ says:

      @Scadoosh smells like teen spirit is their best song, but it’s so overplayed people hate it (and because kurt said same shit)

    • Miss B says:

      Agreed!!! Kurt didn’t even like playing that song! Posts choices were so good to any true fan! He was great🎶💙

    • josele kiwi says:

      That is not a problem

  20. Murillo Bonfim says:

    02:00 – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
    07:30 – Drain You
    11:55 – Come as You Are
    16:20 – Lounge Act
    21:10 – School
    24:30 – Heart-Shaped Box
    30:30 – Something In the Way (Acoustic)
    34:40 – About a Girl
    38:58 – Stay Away
    45:55 – Lithium
    52:57 – Breed
    57:25 – On a Plain
    1:02:30 – Very Ape
    1:04:40 – Territorial Pissings
    1:11:30 – In Bloom

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