Post-race brawl between Gordon and Keselowski

A massive brawl breaks out after the race between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick gets in a shove.
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20 Responses

  1. the reaper says:

    not a keselowski fan but there was a big hole there and he filled it….
    gordon came down, his spotter must have been sleeping. brad is a prick I
    will admit that, when gordon is trying to talk to him after the race he
    wouldn’t even look jeff in the eye or even act like he cared that’s
    probably what really pissed off gordon. the best part off all of this to
    me is the fact that guys outside of the chase are winning these races,
    looks good on nascar and their new stupid point system. they change
    something every year and its crap…. leave it alone for christ sakes, if
    its not changes to the car its the points every damn year. fucking
    stupid… new system is shit… there I feel better now

  2. luciana803 says:

    As much as i’d love to see gordon kick keslouskis ass next week its not
    time! Do it when your out of the chase or not going to advance. Other wise
    do it next year at daytona! You are still well in your boundaries to win
    the championship! Dont screw it up!

  3. Kevin L. says:

    It would appear the lowest common denominator in NASCAR is its own
    uneducated fans?

  4. Mattan daily vlogs says:

    Brad sucks 

  5. nascarfan4348 says:

    at 0:56 Harvick pushes Brad to start it all. Sweet!

  6. captainstarkillerful says:

    My respect for kevin harvick just skyrocketed.

  7. venguiJR17 says:

    Better than Jerry Springer show

  8. themostawesome43fan says:

    Sad part is, Harvick sort of all that pushing and shoving.

  9. HyperOpinionated says:

    Jeffy Gordon almost punched somebody with his limp wrist! 

  10. Eduardo Rivera says:

    Sports is for the very low I.Q.

  11. BigCase90 says:

    Regardless of the who’s fault it was…Notice how Jeff got out of the car
    obviously upset but not wanting to be physical. Brad knows the situation
    and the consequences of his actions on Gordons championship
    chances and instead of apologizing, Keselowski turns his head and ignores a
    veteran racer of 20+ years it is not only arrogant but very disrespectful.
    The result? a swollen lip and bruised/cut face for Brad

  12. DwwwD says:

    So many tough guys punching other people from behind. Wow so manly.

  13. David Dale Johnson says:

    I see an mandate for the local States Attorney to file various assault and
    mob action charges against several people. Nearly all of the actors in
    this video are identifiable and every one of the guys that threw punches,
    grabbed garments, etc. should have an opportunity to tell a judge and jury
    why they’re not guilty. 

  14. Ryan Rouse says:

    Gordon should have just smashed his car into all of them and ended it. I
    bet they aren’t laughing when their heads are spilt open and they are dying
    on the speed way…. lol 

  15. richardhalo says:

    Of course they started a brawl. Taking left turns all day long kinda fucks
    up your head.

  16. Kenbo says:

    Rubbin’ is Racin’

  17. bunit121 says:

    I hate when people try to break up fights just let them slug it out

  18. minecraftler2245 says:

    What happened? I didnt watch the race, so can somebody explain me what
    keselowsik did to gordon?

  19. F33bs says:

    This is unacceptable in any sport. Shame on NASCAR for encouraging this
    kind of behavior.

  20. achigurh says:

    How convenient that Clint Bowyer decides to run his car into the wall and
    keep it there to bring out the caution to prevent a Jeff Gordon easy