Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon. Awesome Surprise!

Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon. Awesome Surprise!

Move over AntHillArt, theres a new guy in town! So today I decided I was going to pour molten aluminum on something. I just finished a new propane powered furnace and I wanted to put it to the test!

I don’t know why my brain jumped to watermelon, but im glad it did. What was going to be a way to waste the afternoon turned into an amazing discovery!

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20 Responses

  1. kagi95 says:

    If only you could actually pour the damn aluminium inside the melon.

  2. Nathan Lane says:

    I know you were probably careful, but, please, please, please never stab a
    knife into a surface like that, I’ve seen too many sliced up ligaments from
    people doing this, cool video too, thanks for sharing.

  3. Gareth Bale says:

    Aluminium* Degrees Centigrade*

  4. Bruno Lauzon says:

    Cut away from you !!!!!

  5. GmodPlusWoW says:

    Well, that’s certainly an interesting little structure.

  6. H kalsi says:

    youre an idiot

  7. whycuds says:

    What causes the bad smell, Mr. Scientist Man?

  8. lurker782 says:

    1:25 ALLAH ACKBAR? wtf why would u say that 

  9. Trevor Hogoboom says:

    Never cut towards you. Easy way to avoid injury.

  10. snakeman567 says:

    Cool idea, but completely unsafe practice of a metal pour! Surrounding the
    pour mold with sand or rock is far safer than dry grass.

    Also, try adding a vent hole connecting to the main pour spout. You will
    get better penetration deeper into the mold and prevent the metal from
    bubbling out! 

  11. Jordan Reiter says:

    What are the pieces of music you’re using in the background? Both sound so

  12. Cassie Miller says:

    way to almost COMPLETELY miss the watermelon. What a waste haha

  13. Rob Cameron says:

    +SNOWBLIND771 If you’ve ever watched any of Chris Schwarz’s woodworking
    videos, he used to have this music at the beginning. It might be any video
    done by Popular Woodworking, not sure. For example:

  14. TreeImmortal says:

    “Aluminum” is the muritard version of Aluminium, kind of like how they say
    “nukeler” instead of nuclear.

  15. FUCKNewChannelLayout says:

    Look for pictures of this done to termite mounds.

  16. bhushan s says:

    good news for antsssssssssss

  17. littlebitacate says:

    Wow what a waste of perfectly good food! U must b so proud to have dominion
    over all things on the planet. Have a clue dude, sure u cant mail that
    melon to a hungry person, but wasting it is like laffing at their starving,
    im kinda ashamed of u :(

  18. unlucky frank says:

    I have a friend that does shit like this all the time… he smokes way too
    much fucking weed.

  19. gregg eye says:

    We weren’t wondering the name of the video pretty much explained it.

  20. James Bamford says: