POV: A boy lives in a city where everyone has superpowers but him… or so he thought 👀

POV: A boy lives in a city where everyone has superpowers but him… or so he thought 👀

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Hey friends, I’m Ian Boggs!!
I’m a creative, actor, model & writer. My goal is to being more creativity and joy into the world, one video, picture or movie at a time! ^_^

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28 Responses

  1. HardcoreGamerXDY says:

    Them: Don’t tell me you’re trying to be powerless superheroes like batman and iron-man
    Ian: Cuz I’m Saitama…

  2. Ittybittytiddi says:

    “You can’t be a superhero without super powers”

    Ian: “and you can’t have a superpower without me”

  3. Ian Vlahakis says:

    There is a book just like this, it’s called steelheart. A ton of normal people are granted powers and they are called epics but there is an epic that takes powers away.

  4. Tina Rouge says:

    “ever since you left everyone lost their powers, come back now”
    Ian: “…. I’m sorry I forgot to care 😶

  5. Tenchi says:

    Dad: “Ever since you left everyone has been losing there powers”
    Ian: “Ok And?”

  6. That Guy With A Box says:

    Ian: leaves
    Guy with flying power: you did what.

  7. Juan Ramos says:

    Dad: “ever since you left people lost their powers”

    Ian: “I forgot the part where that’s my problem”

  8. LonelyHellos says:

    Dad : “Ever since you’ve left, everyone in the city lost their powers! Come back now.”
    Ian : “As if 🙄 *hangs up* “

  9. Everywhere at the End of Roblox. says:

    ” You can’t have be a super hero without super powers ”

    You can’t be a super hero with out me.

  10. cool man says:

    This artist is just AMAZING with his work..

    He surely deserves to be in the credits scene in a movie!

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