POV everyone gets a mark on their arm when they lie, except for him…

POV everyone gets a mark on their arm when they lie, except for him…

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33 Responses

  1. Hellp me rech 24k subs witout any Videoos says:

    Ian always makes our days better

  2. lmao says:

    You never fail to entertain us! ❤️

  3. Existential Crisis says:

    Ian: For my whole life I’ve tried to not lie and always be honest

    **Scartch appears on his neck and he gets infinite lies**

    And thats how Einstein’s theory of relativity is true
    Having everything is basically equal to having nothing and vice versa

  4. Zxrosadvent says:

    Moral of the story: at least lie once in your life if you don’t want to get infinite lies like Ian

  5. animalking183 says:

    Damn. This dude’s a legend

  6. Papit says:

    I like how everyone is commenting about how its unfair he got infinite when he never lied. But they didnt realize he did lie the marks just did not appear on him

  7. gabriel gomes says:

    he never lied because his life was a lie

  8. Michael Swindells says:

    Technically having infinite lies would mean it’s likely he’d have under 10, if you picked any number at random from infinity would mean it would be ever so slightly likely it’d be under 10

    • idk says:

      @AleksaSupermanYT so

    • idk says:

      @Michael Swindells I still don’t get it

    • Azriel MV says:

      @Michael Swindells well its more likely, but still it would be like 0.00000000000000000000000000…0001% chanche to get it, 0 to infinity is alotta numbers

    • Goat says:

      @AleksaSupermanYT dont say that *punk*

      kill me

    • Michael Swindells says:

      OK I’ll try to make an analogy. Let’s say you have 2 sides, one side is the negative numbers and the other side is the positive numbers. 0 is the bit inbetween them and they bother have an infinitly equal amount of numbers so let’s say they both have x amount of numbers. If you take 10 away from the positive side and give it to the negative side. The negative side has x+10 numbers and the positive has x-10 numbers. Even though that 10 is infinitly small, it still means that there is an infinitly small margine that means the negative side has above 50% of numbers and the positives side has just below 50% of numbers

  9. Angel Anderson says:

    He didn’t GET infinite lies. He’s told infinite lies.
    His lies wasn’t showing and he didn’t get any Mark’s because he’s built different. That’s the truth he told and it’s the first time he’s telling the thruth.

  10. Konkona Biswas says:

    “I’ve never lied” has to be the biggest lie ever

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