POV everyone is given a mark that defines their status. Red=average Gold = famous #shorts

POV everyone is given a mark that defines their status. Red=average Gold = famous #shorts

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54 Responses

  1. Moon Orchid says:

    Yes, Eliana IS royalty

  2. Thunder says:

    “Blue means royalty”
    “What?” *dies inside*

  3. Puik _b says:

    Plot twist: her friends are fake and blue is not royalty they just know Eliana got blue and they want to expose her

    • iisxnnyDayzziiYT says:

      @Kazuha Simp It was never finished and i never started the Argument. I mean cmon Its just stupid that people are arguing over a pfp

    • Kazuha Simp says:

      @iisxnnyDayzziiYTyou clearly did carry on you were litterly the last person to reply to xaio saying something along the lines of anime prfp are cringey 😐

    • Space Unicorn says:

      Oh that would be so good!!

    • iisxnnyDayzziiYT says:

      @Kazuha Simp I never did i was just saying it stupid that ppl are fighting over a pfp

    • xlov says:

      taking down my comment since it bothers people, my apologies for being insensitive

  4. Danymok says:

    Why am I here? I have no idea what the hell is going on. My life is a lie.

  5. ABROham Productions says:

    So she created a hunger games like dystopian world, and then turns it into a comedy. Genius quick storytelling.

  6. Arikian says:

    This sounds like the plot of a generic distopian sci-fi novel like The Giver or The 100 or smth

  7. E No says:

    This is why, people can’t read a sentence, comprehend and conjugate, anymore.

  8. Bint e Mahmood says:

    “Blue means royalty”
    Eliana to her fRiENd:… *BiTC-*

  9. Blacksmith Games says:

    IKEA Mark developers releasing colors without telling people what they mean:

    “Ey gottem”

  10. Moliminous says:

    This says a lot about society… probably.

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