POV The vaccine…

POV The vaccine…


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26 Responses

  1. mxcerxal says:

    If Devin doesn’t make a part two for this I’ll die.

  2. Pitzi says:

    This deserves to be in netflix😳
    (Im wating for pt.2)

  3. DarK Dragon says:

    Waiting for part 2. I think this will probably turn out to be more like “Unlisted.” It is a series on Netflix. You will understand what I am talking about once you get it

  4. Picklerickshaw says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t imagine life without my ADHD, so even if the vaccine existed, I still want one of the things that makes me, me

  5. MTMQ says:

    this is awesome, I’ll be waiting for part 2

  6. DeepDarkDepression says:

    Excited for part 2 Devin!

  7. MisMotif says:

    So, in the process of removing mental illnesses the vaccine also removes human emotion. That’s such an interesting concept that should be made into a short horror film (Not like the typical 60-40 second short, I mean like 20-30 minutes)

  8. Angie Bonsangue 🌻 says:

    THE PENCIL SHOT 😂 don’t lie, we all did it as a kid

  9. OwO Sub? says:

    love your content!
    I can’t wait for part 2

  10. Beverly Wrobel says:

    I can’t get over the pencil shot 😭

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