#POV : you know everything🥺💰💔 #shorts #viral #smart #funny #meme #toys #money

#POV : you know everything🥺💰💔 #shorts #viral #smart #funny #meme #toys #money

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    Best Basketball player
    Reese: Lebron James
    Me an intellectual: Michal Jordan

  2. Randomu Fujoshi says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better to just tell him if his girlfriend is cheating?🤔

  3. Felix Herrera says:

    I disagree on the “who’s the best basketball player ever”

  4. YT-_-ragemonster says:

    Yes guys you tell a judge I have powers to know everything he’s guilty and he’s gonna believe you surrrrrre😂

  5. Alagon says:

    I think the thing with knowing everything, before the actual fun part, you’d just be traumatized from everything, plus the influx of information, might just make your head explode

  6. shinigami says:

    knowing everything would be an ass power, because you’d literally know everything, it would send your mind into a spiral

    • coolladd69 says:

      @Soda PoP but that’s the thing he might have to think about it. But if he is granted that power the downside where most likely not guaranteed but most likely taken into account and the most major ones buffed out like an increased mental capacity. Also your brain is kind of like a computer when it’s full you dont fo insane what would happen is you would start to go brain dead.

    • Coof says:

      You would know if someone fu-

    • ImYourVice says:

      But you would know how to deal with it 🤔

    • _sunny_ says:

      Lol yeah!

    • Erik Vuong says:

      @coolladd69 That’s all assumptions, though. The original choice didn’t say anything about that. Since it doesn’t elaborate, you shouldn’t take the risk.

  7. shroomxedits says:

    On the cheating one, if he knows everything he could’ve just said if she’s cheating or not

  8. Kyrese Disney says:

    I would choose know everything. To protect myself from the constant incoming knowledge I would ALSO know how to make a device to protect my brain from overloading and traumatizing myself with the scary shit. On top of that I would know how to instantly make a large sum of cash.
    Basically, I’ll be a got once o remove the device

  9. Abell Seyfu says:

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates . 🎈

  10. Dam says:

    I honestly find it hilarious because as a person who collects these dolls oh my god

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