POV Your Teacher Sits At Your Lunch Table

POV Your Teacher Sits At Your Lunch Table

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31 Responses

  1. Dill Hill says:

    This is why I’m thankful they have a teachers lounge to eat in

  2. AnimeBOIclipz says:

    She is already a great teacher imagine how much better she would get in a couple months

  3. Sadie L says:

    You would always think you were one of the “coolest kids in school” when your teacher would sit with you at lunch-😩🙌🏻


  4. Me.🥀🍃 says:

    The fact is it was so awkward 💀 everyone would stop talking and the teachers would be like “ aw man am I a party pooper?” I felt so bad-

  5. AJR lover PYC says:

    It’s always the loud salad or soda cans

  6. shainted says:

    “you know I had your brother last year” the most relatable line from a teacher, ever

  7. bird monster says:

    “You two do not need to be talking like that”
    The amount of times I heard that💀💀

    • GreenBeanTM says:

      @Casy if they’re not at your table you don’t get a say, just don’t listen or move if it bothers you that much. It also could have been something as simple as a swear

    • Casy says:

      Well you don’t…please don’t torture us with inappropriate conversations, we’re human too😂😭

    • Anakin Skywalker says:

      Broooo maybe instead of destroying jedi, maybe teachers should my main focus

  8. DaRealHaji-Memes says:

    This never happened to me, but I saw it happen to other people and it’s still accurate

  9. Bloodstained Knives says:

    I love how she is wearing glasses when she already has glasses on her head 😂

  10. AmandaDrawsStuff says:

    “you know I had your brother last year.. right?”

    Yeah he hated you he talks about it a lot

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