Power Rangers – Movie Review

Power Rangers – Movie Review

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers saga gets a fresh new take for the big screen. Here’s my review of Power Rangers!

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20 Responses

  1. LordVile6594 says:

    I was really scared to watch his review, because I really didn’t want this movie to be crap, but thank god, its holding up so far.

  2. archmad says:

    Jeremy likes Power Rangers and hates Kong Skull Island. Got it.

  3. Matthew Cool says:

    So that’s it? We’re some sort of, Power Rangers?

  4. kieron julien says:

    Just tell me… where do they fit Into infinity wars? part 1 of part 2

  5. Zenevi Romawii says:

    SPD, Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm were my favorites

  6. Wildsmack says:

    Rogue One is better than the Episode VII. Need to see more stand alone Star Wars films like the Rogue One.

  7. MrJreed1000 says:

    How the hell did the power rangers have a better cast than Batman v superman? I’m flabbergasted ?

  8. Kiya Lee Levy Runaya says:

    So you don’t like cheesy villains here.
    But you worship it in the MCU?


  9. Jack Reaver says:

    Time Force is the best season by far

  10. Offxcial Wonn says:

    Fant4stic tried to do the same concept….We know how that turned out.

  11. Arek Cygarek says:

    Jeremy this was your best opportunity to wear some colorful spandex suit and you didn’t took it..

  12. Timliu92 says:

    Ok I just watched it, and to me it did not disappoint from a guilty pleasure level. I think critics are a bit too brutal on this film – you do not come into a Power Rangers film expecting something epic like The Avengers, and as long as I can see the Rangers and the Zords beating monsters in all their glory, that should be enough, and I got it!

  13. Filmaniac says:

    everybody forgot civil war but they still talking about BvS.. love it

  14. BigGame Hunter says:

    Power Rangers Dino thunder is the best one period.

  15. Dalton Moen says:

    Jeremy, Billy Cranston is named after Bryan Cranston. He was the voice of a couple power rangers villains

  16. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Good to hear. I was a bit worried this will be a disaster and from your saying it sounds ok.

  17. Rest In Pepperoni says:

    “I feel,” “I felt,” “I thought” when you have to emphasise that much it just means the movie wasn’t that good. lol

  18. Pawpsicles says:

    Anyone remember Power Rangers: Mystic Force? ?

  19. MIA V. The World says:

    “This is Power Ranger! He’s got my back! I wouldn’t advise getting killed by him. His _power_ traps the souls of it’s victims.”

  20. Andrew Culp says:

    My fav as a kid was probably Dino Thunder. The reason being is because what kid doesn’t like Dinosaurs and ninjas!?

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