Powerful Hurricane Dorian impacting Bahamas with intense wind and rain

Powerful Hurricane Dorian impacting Bahamas with intense wind and rain

Conditions gradually worsened in the Bahamas Sunday morning as the islands began to feel the brunt of Hurricane Dorian.

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81 Responses

  1. aud schaeffer says:

    Thanks for the effort to cover Dorian for us peeps in better weather. Good luck AND prayers

    • MrVandj1 says:

      No prayers please

    • Paula Keller says:

      aud. Agreed. But according to Trump and GOP climate change is not real. So these must be Fake News. It’s a hoax. So that means Trump and the GOP are honest and truefull. They are not liars. In that case i am Peter Cotton Tail.

    • Lor3nashl33 says:

      @MrVandj1 What exactly gives you the authority to tell people what to do? Stop using a catastrophic event to push your childish bickering.

    • gary stevenson says:

      Guess who I am ? I must be casted in a bag in the waters at 72  – This marks seperation of waters , J-Oshia , Jonah- Yeshua.-M-Oshia – Messiah. A double rainbow should appear, sign that God will calm the climate. I am the mysterious Alif Laam Meem of the Quoran, 3 letters only God knew the meaning. I’ve come out of the void once again to tell you God killed death.

  2. PhyllisWillDriveMeSea2Sea says:

    The first part of the eye is now at Hope Town. Marsh Harbour is not in the eye yet; your area is in the Yellow layer of colors just before the eye and so things are “tame” just now and will quiet down even more when the eye is over you. After the eye moves past you it will get really bad – be ready for that.

    • Security Wise says:

      I’m in Marsh Harbour waiting for it, I will beat it up.

    • Michael RedCrow says:

      Yep, the young lady speaking thinks she is in the hurricane at the 12 minute mark – Nope. When those trees that are blowing start snapping off , flying whole past her and those entire tiki huts are gone, she will begin to understand what a Cat 4 or 5 is.Hurricane Michael left NO trees standing in the harder hit areas, i hope she stays safe i’m not wishing harm on her, I’m just saying she clearly has NO idea what is coming , or how bad it is going to get.

    • Caiti M says:

      @Security Wise i dont understand why the islands did not evacuate. This is a flattening hurricane. Why risk your life

    • kim mcdonald says:

      @Caiti M I don’t think they a way tovevac the whole island. They don’t have enough airplanes at their disposal and many there don’t have the money to fly commercial. It would tale the government to arrange that and it would take weeks if not months to do so.

  3. E&M Toys says:

    We’re in Florida waiting for Dorian??

  4. Buttercup58 says:

    My heart goes out to the people In the Bahamas. I don’t want anyone there to be hurt. This is one of the most deadly Hurricanes I have seen in a while. Be safe everyone

  5. robin mcgee says:

    Very scary and dangerous. Must be quite the adrenalin rush! Thank you for keeping us informed.

  6. Qamar Zaman says:

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the path of Dorian Hurricane. Love from Pakistan

    • Merle Kallis says:

      @Mr Heidelberg you ungodly Americans (liberals) have kicked God out of your schools, colleges, universities, work places and social gatherings but God is always the first to be blamed…the prince of the power of the air – satan is a destroyer, murderer & a thief!!

    • The Nemesis says:

      @MrMus TangMan No, your God is. It’s part of his plan. Or is he too weak to stop these?

    • The Nemesis says:

      @Stacey B You morons have been preaching about end times for thousands of years. Give it a break.

    • I wish I was wrong says:

      Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about u Qamar Zaman. There u feel better. Pathetic weasel.

  7. Buttercup58 says:

    I don’t know anyone in the Bahamas but I am trying not to cry looking at this. For the people in the Bahamas… I love you Brothers and Sisters

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @moira thompson How are things in Bermuda and will Bermuda be effected by Dorian?

    • CherryBoo65 Boone says:

      Raptor *7 She’s showing empathy just as Jesus did.

    • CherryBoo65 Boone says:

      Jesus showed empathy and there is nothing wrong with the love you show towards others

    • S McPhee says:

      @Melissa Foley I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. I actually don’t live on any of the 2 Bahama island in the path of the hurricane. I’m from New Providence(the capital also known as Nassau). However, New Providence is one of the northern islands of the Bahamas so we are getting rain and not so strong wind. In regards to the island(Abaco) that the storm already past there was alot of flooding and homes destroyed based on the videos that were sent to person here in Nassau from persons on that island. Additionally, persons had to evacuate there homes during the eye of the storm and find a safer place to go because of the damage done. I haven’t heard of any causalities(thank God)and hopefully it stays that way. Grand Bahama the other island in the path of the storm is awaiting its arrival but already feeling the effects.

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @S McPhee PRAISE God for keeping a hedge of protection around you ( S Mcphee). ? How many miles away are you from Abacos? I’ve never been to The Bahamas and up until this week I had no idea that The Bahamas were only 71 miles from West Palm Beach, FL and that we can see y’all’s lights from West Palm Beach. Have you ever been to West Palm Beach, FL or FL in general? And finally, do y’all still have electricity on there? Also are you on Facebook? If so, look me up as I’d love to keep in touch with you after the storm as well. I’m Lissa Foley on Facebook.

  8. Criterio says:

    Well, I just watched a live cam from the Hilton and there are 2 cranes standing above a construction site. I wonder how much damage will they cause because they are coming down. As for us in FL, do not let your guards down, I’ve seen more than 1 hurricane changing paths and no one been able to predict it. Mother nature always has the last word.

    • Criterio says:

      @Proktor WalshWalsh those are going to swivel like never before 🙁

    • Emily Horst says:

      Thank you! People are depending on the projected path, but they have said so many times this storm is too unpredictable so be ready for anything.

    • Sleeping Lion says:

      Allah has the last word

    • Jesus Child says:

      I’ll agree Criterio I’m not trusting these News peoples they said its want comes on the East so where it’s Ended east, Everyone need to go on there on Instinct about this I’m in Ft myers fla. In they’ll not saying about it but we problem get a little rain in Wind but i don’t understand what they are doing These News people’s is confusing People’s in people is so worry, in don’t no what to do but i knows is PRAY

    • grace4art1 says:

      Criterio this is a man made storm

  9. shelly s says:

    Praying for everyone who is affected by the storm this is madness I’m watching from liverpool uk please be safe

    • shelly s says:

      @Danny Landrum I love science ?? but what’s the harm in sending good thoughts and love to the world ❤❤ we need more of it in times like this ?

    • Danny Landrum says:

      @shelly s Well it should be obvious but I guess it’s not – there is GREAT harm in perpetuating myths. People cease thinking critically, and by sending prayers, they think they’ve actually done something and so consequently, they don’t actually do anything helpful, like send money or volunteer – any other questions?

    • D.C.A. 03 says:

      Danny Landrum We actually appreciate the prayers, we really do. Please stop spreading negativity

  10. wilmeaux12 says:

    Caution under a tree with coconuts is appropriate always, storm or no. Those things can kill, even when there is no wind.

  11. Sosaia L Ngata says:

    ???? prayers for you..take care yourself everyone..from Sydney Australia ??❤️??

  12. Alana Weaver says:

    I pray no homeless people are out in that weather!

  13. Ricky Bennett says:

    I’m watching in memory of my mother she loved watching this stuff as do I but we would watch together. She passed in July miss you so much mommy

  14. HardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClass says:

    A real reporter needs to stay at LEAST 2-3 weeks for the aftermath.

  15. TheSonglvr says:

    It was an incredible video, but it’s TIME to shelter in place.   Enough already!

  16. Kcbg says:

    They’re just crazy to be there, should have just left remote cameras filming.

  17. Linda Ormond says:

    Hi everyone, thinking about you all, be safe god bless from Scotland ??????? .

  18. Lolita Morris says:

    Prayers from ?? Puerto Rico ❤️♥️??❤️♥️??❤️♥️??

  19. Nay Camille says:

    It’s coming to me next I’m in Florida prayers to the Bahamas

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @Wortham Keisha Amen! I am praying in agreement with you Wortham. ?

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @Delirious Delirious I am just south of Daytona Beach. Please stand in the gap in prayer for God to spare us like he did in 2016 & 2017. Oh & if you are on Facebook look up Linda Somers weather page called Florida Severe Weather as she is doing “live” updates twice a day & sometimes from her personal page too.

    • Nay Camille says:

      Melissa Foley Lakeland

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @Pedro LC It’s not expected to make the turn up to the north until Monday at 8pm, but the sooner it makes that turn the better it will be for ALL of us in Palm Beach county north up to East Central FL and beyond. Please pray for that to be God’s will for us, for it to make the turn in the 11th hour ( his perfect timing) in Jesus holy name, Amen.

    • Melissa Foley says:

      @neverbroke again No it won’t, however it would help to you or anyone else to feel better protected & that may ease your anxiety. Are you alone for the storm or do you have have a family you are with for the storm? And are you in West Palm Beach?

  20. Flyboy 1 says:

    Lots of love and prayers for Bahamas from Jamaica and Canada

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