Power’s ‘Tariq St. Patrick’ Gets Donkey of The Day

Power’s ‘Tariq St. Patrick’ Gets Donkey of The Day

Power’s ‘Tariq St. Patrick’ gets Donkey of the Day. Check out what Charlamagne had to say.
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20 Responses

  1. Baron Samedi says:

    Tasha is basically a hoe now!

  2. Black and Proud says:

    I’m not understanding why people have it in for Tasha. It really shows the double standard between men and women. Wasn’t nobody tripping on Ghost when he was cheating on Tasha with that white woman. And yes she is white. She may be of Latino descent but her race is white and I can guarantee that’s the race she identifies with. However, now that Tasha has finally moved on from Ghost emotionally and met someone that she is attracted to and really digging, people want her dead. Wow! Not to mention the fact that Ghost isn’t emotionally tied to Tasha either. Ghost is there for his kids and the fact that he has no other option, at the moment. Tasha is loyal and has always been but when a man you love and trusted betrays you and shows you how much (or little) he really loves you, you start to reevaluate things and what’s more important. Your continued commitment to a disloyal man that’s not in love with you or your own happiness.

  3. This is My Real Name says:

    See, what Charlamagne said about Tasha annoys the shit outta me because that’s how a lot of men think. Jaime DOGGED TASHA OUT. Was ready to leave her ass flat and move to Miami. He finally lets go of Angela and Tasha’s supposed to be sitting here waiting for him? Boy bye! Jaime’s gonna get what he deserves when she leaves him for the lawyer ?

  4. Pervy Sage says:

    To everyone saying Tasha ain’t a ride or die & a hoe. Did y’all forget Ghost had a WHOLE relationship with Angela on the side?

    Double standards like a muthafuckaaaaa

  5. Chri Oni says:

    Her parents low-key got her killed too for keeping her so sheltered. She didn’t know how to finesse that situation.

  6. Corey Brooks says:

    Nah his sister should get it too cuz she didn’t mind her business smh why the hell would she try to confront the nigga smh… Good ass show though


    Tasha (MY GIRL) was ONLY “a hOe” because gHoSt was “a hOe!!” PERIOD!!!

  8. La Original says:

    Tariq make you wanna whoop his ass like he’s your own child. I don’t have any kids but lord knows I wanted to yoke Tariq up like he was somebody child that I know.

  9. TrendSpin Sports says:

    When his sister said
    “I know who you are Ray Ray”
    Who else was like welp She dead ?

  10. Singerchick61 says:

    Why couldn’t Ghost and Tasha be more honest with their children from the beginning? At least about the fact that there are people that don’t like them and may want to harm the entire family. I blame them, the kids were too sheltered for them to be that deep in the game.

  11. wav.yliving 波打つ says:

    Tasha a donkey too, she messin around with a fed which is exactly what she told Ghost not to do lmao

  12. lil boss says:

    All the girls defending Tasha shows a lot about there character ?☕

  13. SelfMadeMan_ says:

    Now we stuck with Tariq. You know power ain’t gone let 2 of the kids die.

  14. Khalid Kush says:

    Reina gets the donkey of the day…..For exposing the killer to his face alone at night…….if she would’ve play dumb this whole situation could’ve been avoided…….Like…….How you go up to a killers face at night by yourself and say……”I know who you are”……..if you know who he is you should know that he will kill you…………….Foolish omm

  15. Z Malek says:

    Game of Thrones > Power

  16. Jennie RedRose says:

    So ur giving DOD’s to fictional characters now? ?

  17. aDaywithCALIBOY says:

    Well deserved donkey of the day!!!

  18. Shaunte Ness says:

    I just hate the fact that no one is mentioning Ghost and Tasha being too caught up in their own lives they have completely forgot to pay attention to their fucking kids!!! Seriously that shit is disappointing …. trying to keep those kids sheltered while they are living the lives they are results in shit like this. Raina is dead because of Tariq but more importantly because neither of them are street smart.

  19. Kre'Neshia Allen says:

    That scene broke my heart. Tariq standing there like a fish face idiot. At least call the cops, or CPR something. Yes Raina did was stupid but I would have done the same thing even if I put my life in danger for a loved one. Tariq just ugh! Make me mad

  20. Inna Ro says:

    Ghost would’ve have never cheated with Angela if tasha supported his dreams To get out the drug game….so you can miss me with the “oh she was a ride or die” no she wasn’t she wanted ghost to stay in the same spot and keep selling drugs instead of supporting his idea of going clean and helping him be a better man …..I mean for Christ sakes she don’t even call her husband by his real name

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