For decades, this place has been offering the worst exchange rate in Prague, just 15 CZK for 1 EUR (the official rate is 27 CZK!!!). Nobody’s doing anything about we decided we’re gonna do something about it. And YOU can help us! Please share this video, share this message, let’s save as many people as possible. Thank you! Janek and Honza, your honest Prague guides.


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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
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20 Responses

  1. Sudhir Anand says:

    Awesome from Dubai… We are planning to visit Prague in christmas and have
    watched all your videos… would be good if u post something about
    christmas time, markets, shopping places things to do and not to do

  2. Illu07 says:

    Janek, i always wonder if you are still alive… you are doing great
    things, but you are in the way of people getting money. lots of luck to
    you!!! and please take care!

  3. Natalija N. says:

    I’m visiting Prague in a week and I can’t thank you enough for all these

  4. GHDW says:

    You are a gift to society, thank you for starving the greedy while saving
    people money.

    I am curious why you chose the name of a crappy international call center
    business for this channel

  5. Gordon Tendick says:

    It costs a LOT of money to rent a corner store in “the most visited square
    in Prague” and keep it open 24/7. His rates reflect his high cost of

  6. Desperoro says:

    Tourists are really THAT STUPID? They don’t read exchange rate before they
    change their money? They are supposed to be ripped off! And if they won’t
    in exchange office, they will be in taxi, hotel, trdelnik shop, Castle or
    sightseeing tour. They just born to be ripped off

  7. Sulfen says:

    If you can, get a credit card that allows it to be used overseas without

  8. nick h says:

    The location of this store is prime time and insanely expensive.. His rates
    probably reflect the overhead cost. Who made you the police?

  9. sleepingeye says:

    Why not get a job instead of ruining other people’s job?

  10. rockster10101 says:

    It doesn’t pay off to help others. It doesn’t pay off to do the right

  11. Shiny Baubles says:

    I have personally been ripped off by this place! This is great that he’s
    informing people how terrible they are! The huge deal is that they
    advertise a normal exchange rate, but do not actually give you that
    exchange rate instead pocketing the extra cash and saying it’s for
    overhead, then, before they give you the money but after they’ve taken your
    cash, they will not give it back when you notice how poorly your rate is
    and tell you you can always exchange it back for the going rate of
    “horseshit and go fuck yourself buddy”. Always go to legit banks even if
    you have to go a little further.

  12. Schmidteren says:

    Do this until they close down. <3 Great job mate!

  13. Dreyfus says:

    Cringy. Would have been better if he just informed us without jerking
    himself off at the same time.

  14. johnny3400 says:

    I once dated a girl that worked there! She told me how shady it was and
    then she would blow me!

  15. d3af says:

    I would say the people who change their money there deserve to be ripped
    off, cause they are fuckin stupid.
    All you did is rewarding their stupidity.

  16. Awato says:

    do you think all the negative comments with tons of likes were paid for by
    the company he’s “ruining”? bc nobody in their right mind would think this

  17. Buried With You says:

    capitalism works both ways bitches

  18. Thomas Lahr says:

    How f-ing stupid are people who cant even look at the exchange rate?

  19. witplaasboer says:

    You are doing a good job to warn people .but be very careful of those
    young Prague mafia sort guys. They will fuck you up really bad. Be

  20. Edwin Olio says:

    Guys, you’re awesome, well done!