Prank Academy – Official Trailer – YouTube Red Original Series

Prank Academy – Official Trailer – YouTube Red Original Series

Watch Jesse and Jeana teach YouTube stars how to pull off the most killer pranks in this hidden camera series. Prank Academy debuts on 3/30, exclusively on YouTube Red.

YouTube Red Original Series

U.S. viewers can sign up for YouTube Red at If you are not based in the U.S., click here ( for more details on when these new series and movies will be available in your country and how you can watch them.

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20 Responses

  1. Leah Dawg says:

    I can’t even sing up for it??

  2. E man says:

    youtube red?…..come on man.really? -_-

  3. Ciber X Gaming says:

    Nice try youtube red…. helllllll noooo..

  4. Noxious Gamer says:

    Can’t wait to torrent it

  5. Alyssa Gomez says:

    That’s a joke if they think people are gonna pay
    for that

  6. dont sey that boom says:

    she’s evil your gf

  7. Ramsay Snow says:


  8. Ivelina Kr says:

    Is YouTube Red going to turn into Netflix?

  9. Tait Thomson says:

    How do u get YouTube red?

  10. Dickson Tan says:

    so cool man keep up your good work

  11. Yuri Musngi says:

    ahhhhhhhh I’m so excited to watch prank academy on March 30 2016

  12. King Nj says:

    I hate YouTube red

  13. GGScOpEZ says:

    To everyone who won’t buy YouTube red, FUCK U! You are a poor piece of
    shit!! $10 a month won’t hurt your account. I’m guessing to everyone that’s
    saying it are 11 year olds with no credit or debit cards and their parents
    would allow them to get it LOL!

  14. Daniel Gallagher says:


  15. Paige Elizabeth says:

    I wanna see all these series!! But I can’t pay for it my mom said no ?

  16. I am Anonymous says:


  17. EverythingAssholePro says:

    It’s just a prank bro

  18. Megan Kolochuk says:

    Not available in Canada…Go figure..

  19. LOUI J says:

    *fuck YouTube Red*

  20. TheLifeOf2 says:

    A prank isn’t a “prank” if you have to teach someone a prank