Prank Academy – Teaser Trailer – YouTube Red Original Series

Prank Academy – Teaser Trailer – YouTube Red Original Series

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Watch us teach YouTube stars how to pull off the most killer pranks in this hidden camera series. Prank Academy debuts on 3/30, exclusively on YouTube Red. But don’t worry, you will still be able to see some right here on PrankvsPrank!

YouTube Red Original Series

U.S. viewers can sign up for YouTube Red at If you are not based in the U.S., click here ( for more details on when these new series and movies will be available in your country and how you can watch them.

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20 Responses

  1. Lady Climax says:

    youtube red is just winning atm

  2. Luis Deleon says:

    Can’t wait to see this keep up the great work !?

  3. PB says:

    thumbs down for red!

  4. Matthew Klingsberg says:

    So basically its another way for them to profit from YouTube…

  5. Savage Jordan says:

    This looks better than Natural Born Pranksters

  6. Brydie Styles says:


  7. Buried With You says:

    love u guys but im not spending a dime on youtube

  8. Maria Jimenez says:

    can’t wait to see it …I been waiting for this to come out

  9. Matt Moore says:

    THIS LOOKS SO COOL! Can’t wait to watch it! I guess hard work does pay

  10. Thomas Leete says:


  11. Paris Vaughan says:

    can’t wait to watch this!!!!

  12. Jayden Kelly says:

    Why the fuck did they put it on Youtube Red??? What happened to normal
    youtube you just watch? Now I gotta fucking torrent a video and wait for it
    to download before watching it

  13. diar humolli says:

    i hope its all real

  14. Melanie Young says:

    What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube red ?? And why does
    everyone hate YouTube red??

  15. sally 梨_ says:

    where to watch it?

  16. Lily Marcus says:


  17. _xNora _ says:

    Paying to watch a youtube video is disgusting, Wish I could watch the show
    tho .. ❤️

  18. Alvin Khoe says:


  19. Jess Mead says:

    I don’t know why everyone’s complaining so much about YouTube Red. You even
    get a google play subscription as well and it helps youtubers create higher
    quality content.

  20. Amadeus August says:

    How do i do?