Prank Calling Dream

Prank Calling Dream

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81 Responses

  1. MrBeast Shorts says:

    Subscribe to MrBeast Shorts & Dream!

  2. The Horizon says:

    Imagine if he said “Yea sure guys lets do this”

  3. Connor Pugs says:

    “Here me out, there is a good plot twist” lol

  4. CustomName says:

    Dream speedrunning the prank call

  5. USAirsoft says:

    I wish someone would just call me bro…

  6. tiny chocolatine says:

    “what’s wrong with you??” of course he would say that 🤣

  7. GeneralFlight says:

    0:04 see how the FaceTime has a ? on it meaning you can’t FaceTime him. Dream is always ahead of the game.

  8. THE GOAT says:

    Imagine being Jimmy’s grandchildren, hearing all his stories

  9. Finder says:

    Plot twist: This was MrBeasts actual video idea and dream stopped him and covered up by making this video.

  10. THE GOAT says:

    MrBeast’s grandkids:

    “What did you do when you were 22?”

    Jimmy: “Well, I… prank Dream and…”

    • HxpnoticV says:

      @IBan_Bad_Girls you’re subbed to james charles?

    • a person says:

      @IBan_Bad_Girls 0

    • シ DidiDoesArt シ says:

      Someone copied your comment they are called boom asmr

    • JokesterJonah Gaming says:

      @Black Noir He’s not the most subscribed youtuber and he didn’t do all of that when he was 22. He also donated money in videos in order to gain more popularity which is so annoying when people do that but nice. I have a question for you too. How would you describe mr beast to someone who has never heard of him. (P.S. I’m not a hater his videos are very interesting and he’s a very nice guy but i don’t think he would be donating to a lot of people if he didn’t get it back from a video or something.) I mean he got popular from donating money

  11. Harun Ramic says:

    Imagine the teachers seing Dream placing poop all over the classroom with his Dream mask and the teachers report a burglar with a mask

  12. Doggy Gamer says:

    Plot twist: this is actually a video coming out in a couple of days…

  13. noXious says:

    I like how Karl just controlled his laugh the whole time and blasted at the ended

  14. Mr Wolt says:

    Claim your: “here before 1 million views ticket”

  15. ItzMina_YT says:

    let’s hope dream doesn’t block him after this

  16. TotallyNotMusic. says:

    I have a good dream video idea:

    “Do an irl manhunt with your psychotic stans and avoid getting brutally murdered”

  17. Lunar Phoenix says:

    0:03: I like how it says “Dream Offical” and not official…

  18. Louis Skovgaard says:

    “He hung up”

    Oh golly Gee i reallly wonder why

  19. Key Epic says:

    Hahaha… imagine if a youtuber takes your genius idea and actually does it… 😂

  20. Epic Asian says:

    Jake Paul – so how many pranks do you wanna make?
    MrBeast – yes

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