Preakness Stakes 2019 (FULL RACE), jockey John Velazquez thrown from horse | NBC Sports

Preakness Stakes 2019 (FULL RACE), jockey John Velazquez thrown from horse | NBC Sports

Find out the winner of the 144th edition of the Preakness Stakes! #NBCSports #PreaknessStakes #PreaknessStakes2019
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Preakness Stakes 2019 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

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96 Responses

  1. Guesta Gaming says:

    Imagine getting beaten by a horse with no jokey

  2. madhavyu says:

    Disappointed…..I was rooting for the riderless horse.

  3. aliensushiPvP says:

    Who was rooting for the riderless horse to win?

  4. Viva México y Todo El Mundo says:

    *I was hoping the horse without the jockey to win lol*

  5. Meridian says:

    Who else wanted the unmanned horse to win LMFAO

    • Wilson M says:

      You must be new to this, they usually do win because they dont have 115 pounds on their back, and he doesnt win anyway regardless

    • Meridian says:

      +SupaMan This has been the most interesting Kentucky Derby series ever lol. First, the disqualification and now an unmanned horse. What’s next?

    • Berry Tharp says:

      A horse without a jockey cannot win. As far as outrunning the other horses they often do, which creates a hazard to the other horses. A loose horse is a bad thing during the race, they handled it well enough.

    • TB 123 says:

      Hush fool

    • FightFan says:

      +Wilson M right cuz a racehorse feels 115 lbs on it. That’s nothing

  6. Rich at Large says:

    I was rooting for the riderless horse but he just didn’t care enough.

    • CuteBrainiacGirl says:

      He ran so fast! If he had done sharper turns, could have been a different story…

    • SevvinMusic says:

      Same XD

    • familyvid1 says:

      Rich at Large he cared but just wasn’t beaten the last 1/4 like the rest

    • turbofanlover says:

      He didn’t care enough…LOL. Love it.

    • Martha Hanley says:

      +CuteBrainiacGirl You are so right! If he’d been ridden, he’d have been maneuvered into his proper lane and *would* have had a fighting chance. I wonder if it may have been the gate attendant who is rather involved in the screw up.
      He was 72-1 odds but stranger things have happened.
      I’ve no heard or read one person yet who wasn’t chuckling they wish he’d won or closer than he did. 😛

  7. Christopher Michaels says:

    BodeExpress: I’m FINALLY free! now I can do whatever I want! (runs two laps anyway)

    • Susan Nunes says:

      +john rodonis Intelligent. Horses are far more intelligent than many people think they are.

    • Sam says:

      Laura Nolastnamegiven i mean if more starters is what it takes to keep the jockeys and horses safer that seems like a no brainer to me. And maybe all at once would be too chaotic but it seems to me they can certainly do more than 2 at a time

    • Sabrina Dugan says:

      He’s warming up for his next race. Maybe it’s best that he ran another lap. He should be good for the rest of the week as far as workouts go.

    • Ariane Bolt says:

      Actually, he ran *longer* than two laps since he often ran to the outside

    • Shoresy 69 says:

      +Chorus Frog the guy who abuses the horse? I hope the horse is okay mate

  8. Delphi Oracle says:

    I don’t need no stinkin’ jockey!

  9. Gunloc26 says:

    As my old I.T. Professor used to say…that poor gate guy just had a “resume generating event”…

    • ShellyFromSeattle says:

      Chorus Frog The television announcer that was talking about “the gate crew“, “the starter… That held onto the horse after the gate opened“, the TV announcer guy is a total idiot. The starter is the guy that pushes the button to open all the gates simultaneously. The guy inside the starting gate is not the starter. He’s one of the gate crew. The starting gate crew has the responsibility to sit inside the starting gate and hold on to one or more horses headstall/bridal to keep their head straight for the start. Go back and look. Each horse had their own gate crew “heading” them. All of them did the exact same thing. No one held on to anything after the gate opened. The horse hopped up in the air because he was excited and nervous. The jockey plunked off onto the ground because he was unseated. No foul play at all. The only thing that took this horse out of the race was himself.

    • nautifella says:

      A department head at my current job likes to say: _”When you update your resume, don’t put this on it.”_

    • Kaite Elise says:

      That jockey can’t ?

    • C Mack says:

      this for you and your IT professor ???

    • D says:

      Obviously many people don’t understand gate logic. I thought it was a funny joke. I guess only a computer programmer will understand. ?‍♂️

  10. Moonfox 193 says:

    Bodexpress make me so happy. You can see in the way he ran the race without his jockey that he loves to run. A great representation that not all horses are beaten in order to make them race. The kind of horse the sport deserves.

    • Bob Smith says:

      That’s a great way to describe what happened. I’m amazed at how happy it’s made me feel to see that horse running free.

    • Jane Tannerevans says:

      horses are herd animals it was his instinct to keep with the others not some love of running

    • Amelia Smith says:

      Still doesn’t make up for the rest of the cruelty.

    • Just cats says:

      +Nicole Tetreau Not when it’s multiple male horses. They would be running to compete with one another.

    • Nicole Tetreau says:

      +Just cats No, multiple stallions only compete for the right to breed mares.

  11. Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind says:

    Bodeexpress is adorable. He just kept on going and he stayed with the pack. He’s a smart guy. Some horses would have wreaked havoc all over the d..n place. Ha, ha.

    • DazzlingDiamond 4 says:

      Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind ? I know I was always rooting for him and my grandma even said he was cute

    • Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind says:

      +DazzlingDiamond 4 yep. He’s very cute and absolutely adorable and he should get his own disney movie like people were saying. Can’t get over how smart he is and honorable finishing the race and not making any trouble. He’s very funny and hilarious. He’s absolutely adorable !

    • Chorus Frog says:

      That starter gate guy screwed Bode Express and team…..if I was the owner I would be HOT under the collar….

    • DazzlingDiamond 4 says:

      Chorus Frog I know. I barley watch horse racing but I could clearly see error

    • DazzlingDiamond 4 says:

      Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind A Disney movie would be so cute!

  12. Chad 1 says:

    No jockey? no problem. Like a boss!

  13. pencilface says:

    This a wacky triple crown lol can’t wait for Belmont..

  14. jeodude says:

    Don’t know who won cause I was watching the riderless horse

  15. Kevin Meadows says:

    I couldn’t take my eyes off the riderless horse. That horse just looked like a badass with no rider.

  16. Karma has Struck says:

    When a horse runs just for the fun of it. That was wonderful to see! And was ahead of 2 other horses! That was great!

  17. eddie brown says:

    I can see it now, gates open at the Belmont, one horse doesn’t move. Jockey jumps off and starts running, finishes a respectable third……

    • PaleBlueDot14 says:

      Omaha Beach steps on Country House’s foot out of the gate, causing House not to finish and Beach to be DQ’ed. Maximum Security runs a great race and crosses the line first but accidentally touches one of the ashes of Secretariat which was thrown on the track in memoriam – RIP – and is also DQ’ed. Bodexpress throws off Luis Saez at the gate, who runs the race on foot and beats the wild but still trying horse. After the dust settles, California Chrome is somehow there and finally wins himself a Belmont.

    • Daniel Ivanov says:

      With the way this triple crown has been going I wouldn’t be surprised

    • Jade Fruge says:

      Hahhahhhah thebest comment ever

    • Spice says:

      probably last, the horses run 45-55 miles an hour

    • Louis Graham says:

      Lol, respectable 3rd not on your life

  18. Joyce Williams says:

    Who here thinks Bodexpress would have won had he not run so wide.

  19. Randy says:

    Bodexpress won the internet today and even did a victory lap.

  20. muttonbuster says:

    He should start an equine diet trend. “Lose 120 lbs of worthless weight in seconds. Ask me how!”.

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