My pregnancy test results!

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20 Responses

  1. Christine Cannon says:

    awww this made me cry 🙁 congrats on your new family !!!! stay blessed

  2. Jenny Lions says:

    I can’t hit the thumbs up enough !!!!! Congratulations !!

  3. KeriJo Micek says:

    and did anyone else get to excited and impatient and looked in the comments
    if she was or not and I literally cried WITH Domo!!!!

  4. Rachel Figueroa says:

    congratsssss domo i know how much youve wanted this and now you have it!!!
    eat lots of food dont stress to much becareful for the first 3months okay
    hunni!! you and crissy are going to be wonderful parents!!! i love you

  5. Rachel Leann says:

    omg!! I haven’t cried this much in forever. I hope you have a wonderful
    pregnancy and a healthy baby. #babydomo

  6. Kylah Brim says:

    You had me gettin emotional..??Congratulations ????#BabyDomo
    guys will make a beautiful Family ??God bless…?‍?‍???

  7. Conscience Perception says:


  8. Sydney says:

    YAY!!!! Omg you guys are gonna be SUUUCH great parents
    #domoandcrissy #babydomo #March2017 — COMING SOON!

  9. Tulima Gago says:

    yayyyy congrats !!!!! sooo happy for this powercouple right here Nothing
    but Big Blessings and Prayers your guys way!!! Domo you made me tear up a
    bit okay now waiting for your next surprise video when u surprise the wifey

  10. dgriezz says:

    I had to read the comments I couldn’t wait

  11. Bryiesha Gipson says:

    I cried OMG! ?? Ik how you feel completely. My gf and I just had our
    little girl on Fathers Day.

  12. kianna christopher says:

    congratulations Domo!!! I’m so happy for you wish you the best through out
    your pregnancy??

  13. toniya Jackson says:

    Domo!!!!! I just cried with u!!!!!! Congratulations to u and Crissy I love
    u guys!!!!

  14. ShelbyDani92 says:

    omg I started crying so hard!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  15. SlimKei says:

    Domo I need that surprise video today!!!!!!

  16. Yxng Metro says:

    I cried tooo ?????????

  17. Destiny Wilkerson says:

    CONGRATTSSSSSS ! I Support You All The Way ; Much Love

  18. Gabriella Arceo says:

    congratulations Domo and Crissy

  19. Destiny Jeffrey says:

    I am so emotionally involved in this relationship.. You give me hope and
    pure inspiration. Congrats Domo and Crissy

  20. Paige Smith says:

    Congratulations Domo and crissy!! I’m so happy you two will be blessed with
    a beautiful daughter or handsome son. I’m so happy for you both. Children
    are a blessing. ??