Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️?️

Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️?️

? Galar Research Update ?

✅ Challenge rival Trainers in the Battle Stadium!
? Features, ? Exciting Battles ?
✅ Catch Pokémon with Hidden Abilities through Max Raid Battles!

Think you can handle more updates on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield?

Additional effects have been added to this game footage.

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91 Responses

  1. Most Furious Fawful says:

    Mold Breaker: *Who are you?*
    Neutralizing Gas: *I’m you but stronger*

  2. Jay says:

    Weezing’s ability means Archeops, Slaking and Regigigas are about to take the meta-game by storm bois…

    If they’re in the game that is.

  3. Esteban Maysonet says:

    Galarian Weezing: *exists*

    Regigigas: Your free trial on existing has expired.

  4. VENTO says:

    Primal Groudon: *Desolate Land*
    Galarian Weezing: How about no

  5. mysticdaredevil says:

    Neutralizing Gas = busted Mold Breaker

  6. Spunow says:

    Mimikyu: Alright time to use swords dance because of disgu-

    Galar Weezing: No

  7. Rustic Knight says:

    *Galarian Weezing comes out*:

    Goodra: Hey! It’s raining but I’m still paralyzed!

  8. Yerin Diaz says:

    Galarian weezing exist*

    Shedinja: im in danger

  9. Entity Mays says:

    As a competitive player, I am stoked to see all of this!
    I just hope Multi Battles are still available online

    • EM11212 says:

      @Dapper Dhampir That’s because pokemon wasn’t designed for competitive online battling. It was a side-effect of pvp capabilities, but not the intention.

    • Nutleaf420 says:

      @Reolu Plays dude the games aren’t even out yet and these new things a great they are finally expanding the competitive side of pokemon

    • Reolu Plays says:

      Nocturn Bear I really don’t see the point in being competitive ur just playing but at least a tad bit better than most people and by most people I mean me

    • AT Marcus says:

      @Reolu Plays competitive is fun for a lotta people, especially those who dont care too much for story

    • Toes Sad says:

      @Reolu Plays yeah same

  10. Yoko318 says:

    I hope Slaking and Archeops are in this with Galarian Weezing’s ability, because heck yes. Cancel out truant. 😀

  11. NotAFan # says:

    This is the first time EVER Gamefreak’s released a trailer specifically to highlight competitive like this.

    • Logan Abbott says:

      @Dapper Dhampir you’re clearly on something kid, please, PLEASE educate yourself before acting like you actually know anything at all about game design or development unless you want to look like a complete moron…..

    • Robert M. says:

      @Luminous XII Dude, I understand that there is a bandwagon of hate towards Pokemon right now they have a huge point. I too as a Pokemon fan am disappointed, they’re main slogan/motto was “gotta catch them all” and now it sounds like they are going to cut half of the Pokemon from the new games. That’s like the one thing you can’t do in a Pokemon game, mess with the Pokemon.

      As for the switch has limits, too much work, more time on animations, the switch is more than capable of having all the Pokemon. They did it in the 3ds, how can they not do it in the switch? Pokemon is the richest franchise right now, how can they not have the staff or time to do this? Also it’s being pointed out by the fandom that the graphics aren’t even that good.

      Pokemon have messed up and the only way to fix their mess is to add all the Pokemon back at some point which they say they won’t do. The games might still be good but don’t dismiss their horrible mistakes.

    • Dapper Dhampir says:

      @Jared Friedland What do you mean we complain no matter what? It’s just the opposite. This community has the highest tolerance to shit than any other in the gaming industry. Only plumbers match a Pokemon fan’s ability to handle shit. They have gone too far this time though. They have been making this game for over three years, and don’t you dare say they were limited by the hardware. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a little game released last year, and it doesn’t look great by any means compared to most games reased these days, but it still looks a hell of a lot better than what we’re getting with Pokemon. Super Mario Odyssey had the same story, and that game was released basically as a launch title for the Switch, with even less time had to be worked on it.

      These are good examples on their own, but the biggest example that just punches all the holes in this argument, is the fact that they actually managed to get The Witcher 3 running on this Switch. One of the biggest games released about 4 years ago, and one of the biggest games released period, and that game looks at least a large amount of times better than this Pokemon we’re getting. Pokemon is a billion dollar company okay, it’s even bigger than Mario or The Legend of Zelda, there is literally no reason it should look this garbage. And garbage it does look, with how the models and outdoor textures look so ugly, like they were made for a 3DS game, and they just ported it over to the Switch. It’s pathetic, and lazy. And the only reason they know they can get away with this, is because they know apologetic fans like you will always come to their aid. Stop defending the fucking cucks man, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    • C-G Coconut Gun says:

      Dapper Dhampir I agree with you about how the graphics are kinda dull, but you’re treating the game like the graphics are the only thing about it. The character and Pokémon designs are great, the raid and gym battles look hella fun, and there’s still so much we don’t know about this game. If you’re not gonna buy this game that’s fine, just don’t force your opinions on others

    • Dapper Dhampir says:

      @C-G Coconut Gun Ok sry

  12. Guilherme Santini Sforza says:

    Rotom wash fighting Galarian Weezing: WHERE MA LEVITATE AT THO?!!!!
    Gengar: first time?

  13. Night Dragon says:

    Galarian weezing has neutralizing gas

    Shedinja: say sike right now

  14. Guilherme Santini Sforza says:

    Galarian Weezing: *exists*
    Regigigas and Slaking: I AM SPEED

  15. Expand Dong says:

    Galarian Weezing: *exists*
    Slaking: “I am.. inevitable”

  16. Guilherme Santini Sforza says:

    Galarian Weezing: *Uses an op ability to stop op abilities*
    Also Galarian Weezing: I used the stones to destroy the stones

  17. FaceParrot says:

    Galarian Weezing: *exists*


  18. XTeck ARK says:

    So the crow lookin blokes ability is saying “no u”

  19. SBroproductions says:

    Regigigas: “Is it finally time father?”
    Weezing: “Yes my son.”

  20. Lukey GG says:

    Corvinights ability can be summed up in only two words

    N O. Y O U.

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