Prepare For Town Hall 14! (Clash Of Clans Official)

Prepare For Town Hall 14! (Clash Of Clans Official)

The brand new jungle-themed Town Hall 14 has ancient pictograms and hieroglyphs on its crenellations that surely shares secrets of ancient Clash wisdom….

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Attack. Defend. Strategize. Download for free for mobile devices.

From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money

Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.

– Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
– Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
– Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
– Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
– Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
– Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
– Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
– Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
– Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm

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36 Responses

  1. Judo Sloth Gaming says:

    Jungle Theme, perfect for a Judo Sloth. Hyped for the Update!

  2. iFerg says:

    I remember when the max was TH9

  3. Remson Official says:

    Somewhere I Get A Smell Of Temple Run😂

  4. Manuel hd 26 says:

    Todo el que ve a este mensaje sepa que Dios te bendiga .

  5. Pandot Gaming says:

    Th13 : It’s been quite a while, big brother.
    Th14 : It’s always been this way.

  6. Glitchtrap says:

    Town hall 13s about to be maxed: ah sh*t here we go again

    • The White Wolf says:

      I need this update ASAP because I just finished maxing out everything last month, I have resources adding up with nothing to use them on..

    • Aaron Granger says:

      @Xx Triggered E Yep. I’ve got a full DE storage (I’m out of stuff to spend DE on) and I’ve been pouring gold/elix into walls like crazy. 171 walls left to go and I’ll be done (SuperCell: Nope! )

    • Xsplasma says:

      @Aaron Granger and I’m just sitting here, a th8, taking pride in my work, and I see people maxing out th13. Lol.

    • JanitorRoy says:

      Same I’m like 3 weeks away from being maxed 13 then this comes out 🥲

    • Eric Cartman says:

      How I been max quick af

  7. Rigby says:

    Please extend hammer jam for like a week, I’m loving the low wall costs

  8. BlackCatGamer says:

    Town Hall 14 be like:
    Reject modernity, embrace monke

  9. Manuel Fernandes says:

    * 10 years later *

    *We introduce to you, Townhall 28!*

  10. Pluto V2 says:

    This is so exciting

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