Presenting your BEST ideas after years of development, time, and focus.

Presenting your BEST ideas after years of development, time, and focus.

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46 Responses

  1. Donald Benjamin says:

    He still independently came up with some of the greatest inventions in the last 30 years. Guy is probably a genius.

  2. DankScole says:

    “ I made that” 😂😂😂 me when I procrastinate on a video idea and somebody else does it

  3. Acrello says:

    This is so accurate bro. Will put hella effort into your ideas just for somebody else to already have already created it. Especially true for videos.

  4. Joe N says:

    Caleb’s facial hair is that amount where you forget he has facial hair when you’re not looking at him, but he would look completely different if he shaved it.

  5. Caleb Nelson says:

    Two videos in ONE DAY. Caleb is working overtime for us.

  6. Istaka says:

    My memories as a college student just flashes right through my eyes. It’s reminded me of how many times my idea got rejected because someone already did it first. It’s suck

  7. TCA says:

    Pretty accurate and the same thing happened to me. I spent a ton of time composing a song on my guitar. I played it for my mom when the time came and the first thing she said was that it was similar to a song that I have never heard of in my life, clocks by Coldplay. God, I felt so embarrassed that day.

  8. TriTomMaximum says:

    I had a similar experience with one idea. I said that they should make cords with lights on them so you could differentiate which cord belonged to what and so you could see behind desks and televisions. Then someone showed me an image of light up HDMI/USB cords and I was like “Well it’s about time.”

    • EGRJ says:

      I had the idea for filming movies. Maybe they could have a second team shoot secondary scenes, to save time.
      Years later I learn about the ‘second unit’. And how it’s decades older than I am.

  9. BaronVonKekatron says:

    Bruh I actually relate to this, I was trying to make engines in besiege for the longest time and when they released a logic update I could use sensors to time the engine, after making a whole car powered by a piston engine, I looked on the workshop only to find people making way faster ones or flying helicopters with them and shit

  10. Havik Boom says:

    Remember the guy who applied for a superhero job and thought his powers was reading minds just for him to discover he was only thinking?

    This is him now trying his hand at inventing.

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