President Barack Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina (3-23-16)

President Barack Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina (3-23-16)

Obama was kinda forced into doing The Tango today while on a State Visit to Argentina….

Music by Chou Pahrot

Song Mary Submarine

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20 Responses

  1. Irina Quintero says:

    yo no soy mexicana

  2. Night's King says:

    We will miss you Obama… :'(

  3. dardoivan says:

    forced into…?

  4. Luc Morigo says:

    waow, what a hot piece of ass the president was dancing with !

  5. tonyfox21 says:

    michel obama jalous

  6. SMOOTHJAKED says:


  7. Ki La says:

    Kanye would be head-bobbin that lady halfway to Uruguay, that’s why he can
    never be President.

  8. Daniel Iddo Abera Balcha says:

    Not too bad Mr. President. Good job , good job. Keep dancing and be merry

  9. Madeline Potter says:

    Ok so like non other presidents do this so he won:)

  10. HiddenTalent77 says:

    He isn’t slaving away on non-solutions to bills that won’t get passed and
    deals that won’t get approved? HOW DARE HE!!!!

  11. 17GIOVANILOPEZ says:

    Michelle about to cut a bitch

  12. Bob Smith says:

    Michelle’s a guy. He needed someone…

  13. rae alikaj says:

    nero tangoed while brussels burned•••

  14. Ngocbinh Do says:

    I love tango!

  15. micheal zebrueo says:

    this guy is busy doing tango, while people are suffering cause of his
    stupid policies.

  16. Brain Rush says:

    And Nero played the violin while Rome burned.

  17. DJ TRUMP 2016 says:

    TRUMP 2016-2024

  18. Lucas Argandoña says:

    Agentina is my country ❤

  19. Charles Dirk says:

    cool music

  20. Omega8kilo says:

    ? Mr President you still have a country to run. Dancing isn’t going to
    stop people from killing cops or ISIS to go away or the economy to turn

    ?? Don’t worry about it if anyone complains, it automatically makes them