President Barack Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina (3-23-16)

President Barack Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina (3-23-16)

Obama was kinda forced into doing The Tango today while on a State Visit to Argentina….

Music by Chou Pahrot

Song Mary Submarine

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20 Responses

  1. Irina Quintero says:

    yo no soy mexicana

  2. Night's King says:

    We will miss you Obama… :'(

  3. dardoivan says:

    forced into…?

  4. Luc Morigo says:

    waow, what a hot piece of ass the president was dancing with !

  5. tonyfox21 says:

    michel obama jalous

  6. SMOOTHJAKED says:


  7. Ki La says:

    Kanye would be head-bobbin that lady halfway to Uruguay, that’s why he can
    never be President.

  8. Daniel Iddo Abera Balcha says:

    Not too bad Mr. President. Good job , good job. Keep dancing and be merry

  9. Madeline Potter says:

    Ok so like non other presidents do this so he won:)

  10. HiddenTalent77 says:

    He isn’t slaving away on non-solutions to bills that won’t get passed and
    deals that won’t get approved? HOW DARE HE!!!!

  11. 17GIOVANILOPEZ says:

    Michelle about to cut a bitch

  12. Bob Smith says:

    Michelle’s a guy. He needed someone…

  13. rae alikaj says:

    nero tangoed while brussels burned•••

  14. Ngocbinh Do says:

    I love tango!

  15. micheal zebrueo says:

    this guy is busy doing tango, while people are suffering cause of his
    stupid policies.

  16. Brain Rush says:

    And Nero played the violin while Rome burned.

  17. DJ TRUMP 2016 says:

    TRUMP 2016-2024

  18. Lucas Argandoña says:

    Agentina is my country ❤

  19. Charles Dirk says:

    cool music

  20. Omega8kilo says:

    😎 Mr President you still have a country to run. Dancing isn’t going to
    stop people from killing cops or ISIS to go away or the economy to turn

    👴🏿 Don’t worry about it if anyone complains, it automatically makes them