President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

VICE founder Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, discussing a host of issues important to Americans, from foreign policy and marijuana legalization to global warming and political gridlock.

Read “‘I’m Embarrassed for Them’: Obama Hits Back at Republican Senators’ Letter to Iran Over Nuclear Deal” –

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20 Responses

  1. williambuckner3182 says:

    Congrats vice…you just went lamestream with your bullshit softball
    pitches. Why didnt you ask his the tyrant why he has decided to destroy
    America by tearing down our borders……unsubbed

  2. Supergoraw says:

    *Dictator Barrack Huessein Obama Speaks with VICE News 

  3. jdogsful says:

    This made me both hate and respect him even more.

  4. falcon0174 says:

    I have always liked that Vice News has stayed away from politics, So i was
    a little disappointed that this happened, although i thought this was very

  5. Toronto Rapper JSTONE says:

    Best president of our life time, no matter how old you are.

  6. You lost the game says:

    I think that Obama is one of the best leaders any country had in the past


    This is my take on pot… I like to smoke but I’m not an abuser. I like to
    come home and toke without the FEAR of losing my job. I hate drinking, I
    rather just take a toke and play video games after work, chill, and be able
    to not be hungover the next day. 

  8. Andrew O'Steen says:

    Funny how he blames Republicans for gridlock but him solely calling out the
    republicans furthers the gridlock that exists…

  9. attila Szabo says:

    ASk the President if he would consider legalization of giving our livestock
    in california enemas using seawater. It is a fact that our livestock use up
    too much fresh water and also it is a fact that sea water enemas will keep
    you hydrated. We could save up to 30% more fresh water this way.

  10. LegendarySock says:

    I don’t give a shit about weed when you’re importing illegals by the

  11. BelsiBuBB says:

    Stop using fossil fuels! The technology is there! Even Nikola Tesla knew

  12. hadif786 says:

    Congratulations VICE, you have interviewed the biggest puppet on the
    planet. Bravo! 

  13. joshua swerda says:

    Obamas secret service detail look like they’re hit men from hitman

  14. Jesus Arzola-Vega says:

    also: 5:24 there’s an iphone ringtone

  15. MobiusSeckOne says:

    Hey USA, you have a Golden kind of a president, and you shit on it. Wake up

  16. klangwerke à la élian says:

    just sad, i expected more from vice.

  17. Dustin Pelc says:

    Funny how even the Democrats are turning against the nuclear deal with
    Iran. It’s just shameful that Obama has intentions of helping a nation that
    has despised us for 40 years, while turning his back on several of our
    closest allies. Way to transform a nation you claim to love, you fucking

  18. Ulfbert says:

    I was really hoping this is longer, and each segment is it’s own episode at
    least 15 mins long. I’m quite disappointed since I really didn’t hear
    anything new, and things weren’t elaborated enough on. But the one really
    worthwhile message to get from this video is, don’t just complain, vote and
    vote logically and rationally.

  19. Davy Dave says:

    Legalize it Obama!!!!!!! Come on brotha!

  20. TeamOutSourced says:

    Yup America is going to go to war with Iran because of Israeli Lobbing.