President Barack Obama: The VICE News Interview (Trailer)

President Barack Obama: The VICE News Interview (Trailer)

Coming Monday, March 16: VICE founder Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, discussing a host of issues important to Americans, from foreign policy and marijuana legalization to college affordability and global warming.

Read “‘I’m Embarrassed for Them’: Obama Hits Back at Republican Senators’ Letter to Iran Over Nuclear Deal” –

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20 Responses

  1. HeavyMetalGurke says:

    really waiting to see that

  2. staffheart1 says:

    This distraction proudly brought to you by George Soros.

  3. tris421 says:

    The big question that all the young people in America have been asking
    is… Marijuana! You guys need to get your priorities straight and realize
    you’re getting fucked in the ass from every angle. Of course it should be
    decriminalized but maybe if peoples political opinions went a bit deeper
    than wanting to smoke pot something might actually change!

  4. Darth Zoddo says:

    putin will shit on this nigger’s grave…..

  5. Chase Hudson says:

    What’s up with VICE..?

    Bull Shit Human caused “Global Warming” Episodes. Human pollution is a
    problem yes, but is it driven by humans. NO.

    Creepy Joe Biden interviews. Every time that dude talks every american gets
    dumber, or gets more upset that these morons tell us what we can and can
    not do.

    Obama.. No matter what race, religion, political view, etc I think one
    thing we can all agree on is that He does not have the most transparent
    government in history like he claims. Nobel Peace prize winner, but yet we
    are pushing for war with Russia, even though Russia has put forward 2 peace
    plans, the US is sending more money and arms to Ukraine.

    Nothing but a puppet shill.

    The government or politicians don’t give two fucks about the people, one
    day the masses will wake up and then maybe we can live in a world we all

    Depending on how this goes, I am sure after it is over we will all know if
    VICE has truly sold out. Nothing like scripted interviews.

  6. davidsegun says:

    Russian Trolls are out in force today . wow 

  7. Bobby O says:

    Maybe if we focused on things other than weed and faggots then we could
    probably fix this country.

  8. NinjaSocks333 says:

    There be a shitstorm a brewin’…

  9. Dillon Qaphsiel says:

    Oh shit!

  10. Robert Johan says:

    Did he really ask the president if he is a masochist? 

  11. BorrachoGuapo says:

    I’m gonna quote Snake Plissken….”the President of what?”

  12. supernewuser says:

    Leeeeggaaalllizzzzeeee iiiiitttttttttt.

  13. Poe Ghost says:

    I’m honestly really excited about this. I don’t think I’ll be looking in
    the comments section when the full interview goes up, because man, that’s
    going to be a fucking shitstorm of ignorance and stupidity.

    “YouTube comments — you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and

  14. Newtus minder says:

    Looks like vice is now the propaganda arm of king nigger obama “he could of
    been my son”.

  15. Newtus minder says:

    Obama is real life click bait

  16. RossBoss says:

    vice news doing it big 

  17. Sinisbal says:

    People in power have lots of power for good or evil, depending whose they
    are. But God is always amazing-He healed me of homosexuality!
    People and trends come and go, only God gives a lasting happiness. I am so
    happy I am no more gay! You who love that, live it;your life. But I enjoy
    this freedom more and more and it does not depend on any person.
    God is good.

  18. John Griebel says:


  19. TheMasterTori says:

    It doesnt seem that he gonna ask about 911 or osama or any Qs that realy
    matter who the hell wanna knwo about cliemt change and weed ?! Comen VICE
    why play around…
    Stupid dumb questions ;/

  20. modshroom says:

    wow. vice has finally made it to the top.

    i’ve been there since it was a magazine about fashion and cocaine, this is
    such a cool moment.

    congratulations vice