President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

President Joe Biden addresses the nation after Taliban fighters take over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and refugees attempt to flee the war-torn country.

Since President Joe Biden’s April decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan before Sept. 11, the Taliban have made stunning battlefield advances with now the entirety of the nation of 38 million people under their control.

The rapid disintegration of Afghan security forces and the country’s government have shocked the world and led many to question how a collapse could happen so quickly after two decades of American nation-building and training efforts.

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President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

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55 Responses

  1. TheAdamye says:

    British: leaves Afghanistan
    France: leaves Afghanistan
    USA: leaves Afghanistan
    Afghanistan: leaves Afghanistan

    • Tru Trunk says:

      Imagine if Biden finds the nuclear football, maybe that’s why Elon is in a hurry getting the fk off this planet?

    • 16-Taimur Hassan says:

      U Forgot Russia

    • JetonΔΕΛΤΑ says:

      @Polska cat china government will help the Talibans, they already do so

    • Dagoth Ur says:

      Correction: US/Bden: leaves Afghanistan overnight with no one knowing

    • JetonΔΕΛΤΑ says:

      @Marine Veteran USA as a Greek i can proudly say: we have helped millions and millions of refugees from wars etc. throughout the decades/centuries, either those who stay or those who stay and leave, we have many problems ourselves for centuries from the very old times, we have the worst economy in Europe, we are a third world country even if no one says it, our country is corrupt and we can’t do anything about it, we as a country have the most pacific wars in history, we still struggle with finding jobs, economy, crimes, poor management of power by the government, the school system even the health system need fixing, but no one cares about all of that stuff, every politician is here to get money and leave our country even worse. i can finally say that even if we won’t help now it doesn’t mean we don’t care its just things that happen in this world and we can’t handle more, we can’t handle more problems more issues so respect us for what we did even when we have nothing, till this day Greece is burning, arsonists from eastern countries have been sent to burn the whole country and thank God we got help from many countries but this will not end soon

  2. JAO says:

    Sorry to the families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

  3. Joe Kosty says:

    “We’ll end America’s longest war” until they do something we don’t like then we restart the war

    • Gnosis7 says:

      Right! There is already talk of Al Qaeda forming again in Afghanistan. Who know what they’re planning now. Nice job grandpa Joe!

    • Doodle Bob says:

      @Fred Sanchez
      There’s no oil in Afghanistan

    • Brian Levine says:

      @Doodle Bob No but it provided a pearl harbor moment to get the US in the middle east. Then Bush used that to go to Iraq. And Obama used that to topple Libya, destabilize Syria, destabilize Iraq, etc. You thought all of that was by accident??

    • The Sauce says:

      Good, now china is going to cooperate with the taliban that they had funded. Mining minerals and build train way that will connect asia 🤡

    • Fred Sanchez says:

      @Doodle Bob
      Sure there is, about 2 billion barrels as well as vast areas expected to have more, Mr. Doodie.

  4. Crystal Johnson says:

    The point is….the 20 years of fallen Soldiers, lost limbs, trillions of dollars, broken families, and dead civilians….was a complete waste. That to me is gut wrenching.

    • Jillian netzel says:

      @robert25t I think they mean that it’s ashame that so many people died on both sides in a pointless battle. Because if we knew this 20 years ago, maybe so many of our people wouldn’t have died.

    • robert25t says:

      @Jillian netzel yes it would be better if they did it 10 years earlier but in my oppinion this is the US ego not wanting to give up and saying ” no dont worry we can do this, we will make them surrender “

    • Whick says:

      A complete waste? I would love to hear you elaborate on that.
      For a second, try to imagine what could have happened, if Taliban wasn’t suppressed for all those years. The mission was, and always has been, counter terrorism, and how many attacks have there been since 9/11? Perhaps a few, but nothing even close to the same scale as that was.
      Better let trained and willing soldiers fight for their country, than letting thousands of innocent people die in terrorism attacks like 9/11. (Basically the reason the military exist in the first place.)
      That was the choice there was on the table. Either let thousands of more innocent civilians die, or spend the money and the military to avoid it from happening. What would you choose?
      Don’t pretend like there was an option just to ignore it. That is just disrespectful for all the lives lost at 9/11, and do you really think Al-Queda would just quit after 9/11, like, job done, we can go home now? No. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.
      So please tell me, in what way was it a waste? Are the 20 years of fallen soldiers, lost limbs, trillions of dollars (like who give af about the money), and dead civilians, worth more than thousands, potentially millions of innocent people?
      Sorry if I come off douchy, but I would really like to hear your reasoning.

    • Alfred Yu says:

      As they say better late than never 😀 with how fast the Taliban took over without U.S. there to hold their hands, it was pretty obv. the afgan govt was never goin to be competent even if the U.S. stayed for another 20 years

  5. khawar hussain says:

    President Bush: “Taliban will pay the price”
    Taliban: *”The price we pay will make your armies run away”*

    • Ex Up says:

      @khawar hussain Buuuut I do want to say, if only the Afghani’s had the same patriotism as Americans then they’d still have their country.

    • khawar hussain says:

      @Ex Up if the Afghans didn’t have more patriotism than america they wouldn’t have made America lose

    • Ex Up says:

      @khawar hussain Now how did america lose again? They still have their country. Seems the afghani government was the only loser in this ordeal. They wouldn’t have lost their government either if they were patriots. The Afghani’s didn’t give a damn about their corrupt government.
      Again, I don’t think you know at all what you’re talking about.
      You’re a troll. Gtfo you fascist troll.

    • Ex Up says:

      @khawar hussain I’m no longer replying to you. You’re a troll.

    • Discendo Discimus says:

      Is Bush still the President?

  6. Adolfo Lerito says:


  7. Galloway1050 says:

    The man said this will unlikely happen and now it’s happened he’s pulling his people out. After 20 years of fighting and it’s back to square one. People are angry and I can’t imagine how the families affected by this are feeling right now. His legacy of president is in danger already

  8. BlueEyedDevil says:

    “The Tollybon doesn’t have an Air Force”.

    …they do now.

  9. Eric Kovel says:

    Can I get a tax break for all the military equipment that was left and is now in possession of the taliban?

  10. The Liercat says:

    The US spent 20 years, trillions of dollars and cost thousands of lives to replace the taliban with the taliban 🤔

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