President Biden Delivers 2022 State of the Union & Republican Response

President Biden Delivers 2022 State of the Union & Republican Response

President Biden delivers the State of the Union address (remarks begin at 30:30) before a Joint Session of Congress. The Republican Response will be delivered by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (begins at 1:54:30) after the president concludes his address.

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38 Responses

  1. Manuel Soto Tribe of Yashashakar says:

    That’s alot of happy people in there. Almost like nothing bad is going on in the country and the world.

    • SG says:

      It’s called formality.

    • Nicholas Jenkins says:

      Yeah, right, like there’s no Ukrainian Blue and Yellow in the room… (hint: I’m being sarcastic)

      Those people aren’t wearing Blue and Yellow because it looks good on them, fyi. This isn’t about Ukraine. This is about fixing bullshit here at home. And he’s talking about ALL OF THAT.

      I’m saying this and I don’t even like Biden all that much. It just takes listening instead of trying to hate him at all costs.

  2. Johnny Jacuzzi says:

    C-Span is real for letting people comment. You know a lot of networks would dare risk it.

    • Zen Masta says:

      They turned off livechat during the stream last night just like every other major media outlet. They are no different.

    • jim carrington says:

      Homeless veterans, like me, should confiscate the property of these Russian oligarchs.
      If that is not good enough, we can come after American oligarchs who pay lobbyists instead of taxes.
      Maybe America should have housed their homeless disabled & elderly before this pandemic, yet still they refuse.

    • Jim Douglas says:

      They delete comments. democrat control from top to bottom

    • Opie Utt says:

      Here’s a trophy for you CSPAN 🏆🤮

    • sealyoness says:

      @Steve Sanzari You know, sarcasm is probably inappropriate right now?

  3. Sophia Summers says:

    We need a law that requires all campaign donations come from American Citizens. No corporations, no foreigners. In district donations only. No taxation without equal representation.

  4. Sha Ballard says:

    Thank you C-Span. Outstanding uninterrupted SOTU address coverage. We overseas thank you!

  5. Simon Deng says:

    C-SPAN is the embodiment of the 1st Amendment. Thank you.

  6. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Bíblicos says:

    Kudos CSpan for allowing FREE SPEECH both that we want to hear and that we dont want to hear.

    • Maarten says:

      @Erik van der geest Erik wtf, dit is toch geen normaal gedrag. Putin blaast honderden/duizenden Oekraïners op met clusterbommen en jij juicht hem alleen maar toe.

    • DevvMag 52 says:

      @Erik van der geest talk about looking a fool. Time to replace your tinfoil

    • Erik van der geest says:

      you fool,free speech includes all voices. Not only your fake democracy bs,thats been feeded to you dumb fecs by zioncontrolled media.
      lie afther lie to invade and destroy nations,and now trying to do the same to Russia.
      you can thank your brainwashers for WW3

    • sealyoness says:

      Agreed. Uncomfortable truth is still truth. And different viewpoints – providing there are facts backing those viewpoints, should be heard, if for no other reason than to give perspective.

  7. Opie Utt says:

    Look at all the worn out geezers. We need age limits and term limits.

    • TheFunnyguy9000 says:

      @Samantha Davies no one said anything about his granddaughter’s hair

    • Motter Welon says:

      @soulknife20 HELLO. You’re wrong. That is all.

    • soulknife20 says:

      @Trap Bois Those removal of industrial limitations caused massive ecological damage that the next several administrations will have to clean up. He actually didn’t do anything of substance and most of what he did was symbolic. The tax cuts ended up making him and his cronies billions of dollars and sunk the US further into debt.

    • soulknife20 says:

      @Motter Welon Hi. You’re wrong. That is all.

  8. Steve Wheeland says:

    The worst part is that all of these people believe their own lies and live in a world they created in their own minds. Absolutely deplorable and humiliating. They’ll all leave and get in their Mercedes and BMW’s and drive back to their posh homes in quaint neighborhoods in the wealthiest parts to live, and honestly believe that they do significant, and meaningful work, and actually are in touch with common folk. A joke. A complete charade from top to bottom.

    • Mr. chicano says:

      @DevvMag 52 🤣🤣🤣🤣I can’t stop picturing him in jail and bending over for Bubba like he did for putin…🤣🤣🤣🤣makes my day. It’ll be better when his own party nominates pence to run and lose the next election. I’ll have an election election that November 2024

    • DevvMag 52 says:

      @Mr. chicano still in your head. Scared he will be back. Love it. REEEEEEEE


      this bleu goverment his sick and media allover the world to

    • David Xereria says:

      @chana gurl Biden just said he grew up from a struggling middle-class family.

  9. Dal Prete says:

    I couldn’t help but notice many many elderly people there! They should open an assisted living at the White House – unbelievable ….

    • Spooky Miracle Preacher says:

      All our laws are being passed by people who don’t even remember what happened yesterday.

    • Robert D says:

      @Steve Sanzari There may be someone who would do just fine as President at 90 but it is too risky. My memory problems turned out to be the CBD oil I was taking for my knee pain which I wouldn’t have if I weren’t old.

    • Robert D says:

      @David Xereria No they didn’t.

    • Robert D says:

      @Nancy Stevens I have. I design products for RV’s. But how much longer I might live is irrelevant. I have no business being President at this age and neither does anyone else.

  10. Cameron Leonard says:

    “I cant believe she didnt like field of dreams” -Ted Mosby

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