President Biden holds first solo press conference (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Biden holds first solo press conference (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden is set to hold his first solo press conference from the White House on Thursday, his 64th day since taking office.


The president has taken questions from and interacted with reporters on other occasions, but his first press conference will be an arena for the media to ask pressing questions on the situation at the border, the coronavirus pandemic, recent gun violence and more.

All eyes will be on the president as he has the opportunity to strike a different tone with reporters than his predecessor, Donald Trump, who frequently sparred with the media and deemed them “the enemy of the people.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that Biden is “looking forward to the opportunity to engage with a free press.”

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33 Responses

  1. travis Schultz says:

    Biden: “we are an administration of transparency”
    Also Biden: “yeahhhh were not going to allow the media or you to see that….”


      @Suzy Smith nope. Everyone’s taxes were cut massively. The only difference with the top earners is they earned more so of corse they saved more, money wise. But the % was the same. That’s simple mathematics. But don’t expect a lib to understand.


      @Binova Gurung 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Biden is a puppet stfu


      @Abraham Night got what backwards ass hat.

    • Dee vee says:

      @Ernestina Gonzalez sweetie, get over it. He didn’t create the virus. In fact, this man call Trump a racist and xenophobe for merely suggesting closing the borders when covid began. Thank Mr Trump, he made the vaccine possible. 9 months record time. Who would’ve thought the celebrity apprentice would do such a thing. Give me 1 thing biden did in his 40 plus years in politics other than sniffing women’s hair.

    • Richard Kelley says:

      @Joe Crackers Its KNOW, not no. Just say’n!! Also, at least now we have a president that cares about humanity & the American people (not just says he does); cares about the people at the border trying to get in (not just letting them starve on the other side like Trump), trying to undo the mess Trump created separating children from there familys with no way of reuniting them. Need I go on??

  2. Crystal Stout says:

    If president Trump had a list of names to call on they would’ve tried to destroy him

    • BAWSE STATUS says:

      @Nezzero yea because he’s a big liar. And he never was politically correct and stuff. And he made our Country energy independent, and secured our border, and always put America first. What a bad person! Unreal

    • Jon.R.C says:

      @Jairo Alomia no it was definitely the media because they didn’t agree with how things were being done anyone can say whatever they want about him but people had jobs other countries respected us and we didn’t have to worry if our daughter was going to be using the same restroom as a male and everyone that works their ass off had money in their pocket since his presidency fuel has went up a dollar and more in some places

    • Jon.R.C says:

      @Nezzero why because he didn’t let people into our country? You want in come the right way if I leave this country I need a passport don’t I? I can’t have a felony

    • SkylarsMom 1231 says:

      No, if Trump couldn’t answer a question he called it fake news. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, after all, he told us to inject bleach.

    • Venice Hansen says:

      @Shava Chihera vs Biden accepting bribes from the UK accepting money form China through Hunters crooked deals not to mention all the porn on his laptop oh and plus the 8 women accusing Biden of sexual assault–Educate yourself

  3. N. Lewis says:

    I’m also tremendously surprised that they are allowing comments.

  4. Simon Says says:

    Is this like when the magician calls on a “random” member of the audience?

    • Nick Stone says:

      @Brenda Straley lol..yeah I wondered why he kept looking down at his card..I thought he was reading the pre planned question..

    • Timothy Hanes says:

      Biden’s the magician, man. Watch him pull an American recovery out of his hat, and pull your head out of your ass.

    • Nick Stone says:

      @Timothy Hanes close..he already pulled the American Recovery act..urh..uh wait, I mean he SHOVED it outta his ASS not hat, and he pulled about $6k from every tax payer to do so. That’s a magic trick..?!

    • Paul Revere says:

      @Evan Schleter
      No, he has a list of their names, reportedly with their pictures.

    • Chris S says:

      That is SOOO good

  5. Stacy Taddiken says:

    120 years in the senate? This potato DID NOT get 80 million votes!

  6. William says:

    King George III: “who are you?”
    Joe Biden: “im you but.. ya know… the thing “

  7. amishmike1 says:

    Biden: I came to the Senate 120 years ago.

    Yeah, and some of the folks who votes for you were also around 120 years ago as well, Joe

  8. Salty Charms says:


    • Half Thang says:

      Please have some respect for someone that has done public service for over 120 years.

    • Nunya Beeswax says:

      They have no idea what to do with him.

    • Nunya Beeswax says:

      1) Has a script to follow.
      2) Got the press questions in advance.
      3) Has an earpiece to assist his delivery.
      Still managed to sound incoherent and confused.

    • Nick Stone says:

      @B Zwosky and why ..would Youtube reset the likes and dislikes or manipulate them..It’s like come on give me a break..nobody voted for this dope. if he honestly got 81 million votes it’s because a bunch of stupid people just wanted to vote against trump, rather than not vote and I bet they regretting it now..

    • Nick Stone says:

      @Half Thang and like many public corruption workers, he should have quite after first term..

  9. lekkahg05 says:

    Did Biden say he plans to spend billions of dollars more on other countries, when we as a country are already in debt and struggling?

  10. tampastorm says:

    Let’s start posting a comment with the “like” and “dislike” numbers for that moment to deter the dislike deletion numbers

    4 up, 11 down

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