President Donald Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing | TIME

President Donald Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing | TIME

To slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, the White House last week announced guidelines such as working from home, limiting social gatherings to 10 or fewer people and avoiding travel, restaurants and nonessential shopping. But as industry grinds to a halt, Trump started the second week of the 15-day program by suggesting that the damage to the economy might outstrip the damage to public health.

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President Donald Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing

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73 Responses

  1. Sanghoon Shin says:

    NOTE: The first part is truncated. The time stamps need to be shifted by 43:40, so I corrected them.

    0:00:02 Start!
    0:03:38 0:12:26 South Korea
    0:04:18 Japan
    0:13:04 Joke time for 40 sec
    0:15:05 President Trump finished the first talk
    0:18:11 Q & A
    0:21:58 Next Question
    0:23:52 Next Question
    0:25:10 Next Question – CNN?
    0:26:28 Next Question
    0:27:08 Next Question
    0:28:07 How many deaths are acceptable? None.
    0:28:42 We don’t need to test all.
    0:30:40 Next Question
    0:31:59 Next Question
    0:33:48 Romeo and Juliet
    0:34:00 Next Question – China & WHO related
    0:36:38 Next Question
    0:37:23 By Easter
    0:40:08 The president leaves the press & the vice president starts to talk
    0:47:13 CDC will publish a guide line
    0:49:48 Dr. Birx starts to talk
    0:55:13 Information from WHO weekly meeting
    0:59:04 Q & A (2nd; vice president)
    1:05:48 1:08:36 Mask
    1:11:11 Drive-through testing (Self-testing) to save resources

  2. Terry Whitall says:

    None of them are practicing social distancing

  3. Liz Geyer says:

    Is this in addition to the one earlier today?

  4. james lesperance says:

    Mike looks like he needs a nap

  5. Mike Garcia says:

    o_0 Lol, they have an official door opener guy.

  6. luis talavera says:

    tremendous very very tremendous; we are doing the most tremendous things ever ever.
    ………Clutch speech bro😷

  7. Joshua Guillory says:

    Nothing to worry about! Every day is a perfect day in paradise 🙂

  8. XBOX ROCKS says:

    I have a police song buzzing in my head 🎵don’t stand so don’t stand so don’t stand so close to me 🎵

  9. Magilla Gorilla Security Patrol says:

    Trump’s I.Q. is *TREMENDOUSLY* big!

  10. Jester says:

    And Jesus Christ get your facts.
    Italy imposed a ban on flights from China on 31 January, immediately after a Chinese couple in Rome tested positive for the virus. The U.S. began to restrict flights from China four days later.

  11. Joshua Guillory says:

    This thing is easy. Life is easy forever 🙂

  12. Hersel Olmos says:

    You know it’s relatively easy to run school as traditionally as possible from home, everyone needs a device but you just conference call at every hour and write up your truancies

  13. Joshua Guillory says:

    Take a nap and you will be well. Take a nap and you will still feel well 🙂

  14. wonhos beautiful tiddies says:

    Government: stay 6 feet away from people
    Also government: *personal space has left the chat*

  15. Lasna34 says:

    Should have these briefings outside in the open air.

    • Cherrill80 says:

      @Atlantic Beach 🤣🤣🤣

    • sumkindalady says:

      One moment yall complain about social distances, today they stand further apart, now you suggesting they holding it outsiders im 50 degree weather, next we will suggest they all go sit on an individuals plantet and zoom in. Can we be realistic snd just listen to whats being said please?

    • sumkindalady says:

      @Atlantic Beach dead. He isnt having that.

    • DTR89 says:

      These people around Trump get tested daily.

    • Lion Heart says:

      d J Owens or they could adjust the scope and take your head off your shoulders.. don’t feel like you’re so safe behind your phone. 🖕

  16. Small Town Girl Big City Heart says:

    Hoping those checks get to American’s quickly! We have waited long enough and we do appreciate it!

  17. Joshua Guillory says:

    Life is forever joyful! I’m enjoying life every minute, of every second of every moment of every day! forever 🙂

  18. Novak Savic says:

    Trump is a very iq person, no wonder..
    but for now people protect urself, buy a mask ( has great ones), buy goggles, wash ur hands, eat well, and be positive!

  19. Gayle Elizabeth says:

    ….”BIG, BEAUTIFUL, WALL….” 🤣🤗

  20. LosAngeles MexicanMaster says:

    Florida and NY have many cases of coronavirus!!!!! Many!!!! more than here in L.A

    • Oh Yeahhh says:

      It doesnt exist dude. people die everyday from various illnesses, but doctors will report “yeah corona virus!” because they getting paid for that.

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