President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

In an NBC News exclusive interview, President Trump revealed to Lester Holt that he was preparing to fire FBI Director James Comey regardless of recommendations from the attorney general and deputy attorney general.
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President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

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20 Responses

  1. A A says:

    When they teach about this guy in history class 20 years from now, our children/ grandchildren are going to think we were really dumb people for electing this fool…we really are though

  2. Jonathan Garza says:

    A Man…That is Has NO Idea how to be the President of the United States.

  3. thehomiealan says:

    what an incompetent crybaby.

  4. Jeff Motsinger says:

    Mr. Trump, in English, it is “fewer people”, not “less people”.

  5. Sarasota Mechanic says:

    Most honest president since Kennedy

  6. Marco Pacino says:

    Watching in absolute ******* disbelief from the UK – You guys have dug yourselves a bottomless pit!

  7. Billy Heaning says:

    At this point, whatever comes out of his butthole of a mouth, believe the opposite.

  8. blunt rapture says:

    He’s like a little kid. We can ALL tell he’s lying.

  9. Eric Medina says:

    The guy has a terrible memory, but he perfectly recalls a phone call with Comey about who called who and who said what? Come on.

  10. M Francis says:

    A clown running a circus. Making America the laughing stock of the world. Cheapening our image with his blatant stupidity and incompetence. #FakePresident

  11. Chris Dennis says:

    This is what stupid looks like.

  12. Mark Clemmens says:

    Not a Trump fan, but this Russian conspiracy nonsense from the democrats its absolutely absurd. The democrats were annihilated in 2016 and 2018 is looking even worse; the party is a total mess, and this is purely an excuse.

  13. Alexis Champsaur says:

    This is the beginning of the meltdown. Can’t wait for it to unravel.

  14. Mark Fabros says:

    This guy’s native language is bullshitese

  15. Troll Hunter says:


  16. Kristopher S says:

    Trump the Great. Best US President in History when all is said and done. A true American golden age is in the making.

  17. Evan Bollinger says:

    I’m just here for all the butthurt liberals 🙂

  18. Dave Johnson says:

    trump loves to troll the media and its sooo funny to watch all you liberal morons fall for it everytime hook line and sinker lmao #trump2020

  19. johnny kirkland says:

    Greatest President ever

  20. Based Lizard Man says:


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