President Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida – 2/18/2017

President Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida – 2/18/2017

FULL SPEECH of President Donald Trump’s Rally in Melbourne, FL at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport. Our cameras will be filming LIVE at this event so be sure to look out for our crew and say hello!

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19 Responses

  1. nicholas thomas says:

    Mr Trumps first rally as a President !! ???? Go TRUMP/PENCE ????

  2. nicholas thomas says:

    The peoples President Donald j Trump ??????

  3. Redhotsaycool123 says:

    I wish he was British so he could drain our swamp of useless,corrupt,fraudulent,pedophiles who masquerade as politicians….

  4. Sarah Connor says:


  5. Richard Kerckhove says:

    He actually read the statute that allows the travel ban and talked about creating safe zones for other countries. Is this really as bad as everyone is saying.

  6. Beth Virginia Phillips says:

    Donald George Washington Trump!

  7. Spasskyfan says:

    Video of unusable quality.

  8. David's Channel says:

    I just love Diamond and Silk and President Trump! so happy!

  9. HonoR95 says:

    wtf was this recorded with
    its like 100p or some shit

  10. San Mcnellis says:

    We love our President Trump.

  11. Loy & Cathy Locke says:

    This is MY President! So proud of him and proud he is the Leader of our country.

  12. fred stone says:

    Trump you need to arrest Soros and all the other traitors!!!!!

  13. Pam Martin says:

    Y’all make damn sure to vote Trump in 2020! We gotta keep going!

  14. Dagga De La Rossi says:

    msm google facebook twitter are the enemy of liberty. Censoring, manipulating and attacking free speech like never before in our history.

    you should be ashamed

  15. Omar Palacio says:

    The Lord knows pretty well what is happening worldwide, as a christian I support Donald Trump without hesitation, we gotta pray for him as much as we can.

  16. Troll says:

    *Oh shit… these people are morons*

  17. Diana Dee says:

    So Proud of #PRESIDENTTRUMP and his Administration! Doing Great job!

  18. mr. bubble says:

    Trump won in a landslide and it’s just so awesome!I love you Trump!!!❤❤❤

  19. Jim Morrison says:

    lmao 99% racist in that building

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