President Donald Trump’s 2017 Joint Address To Congress: Full Speech | NBC News

President Donald Trump’s 2017 Joint Address To Congress: Full Speech | NBC News

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President Donald Trump’s 2017 Joint Address To Congress: Full Speech | NBC News

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Stickman says:

    Wow 14,000 dislikes, guess you can’t please everyone or their own views are blinded by politics.
    I kinda wish that politics were abolished in society, but I guess that isn’t a thing.

  2. Jabbar Lennett says:

    Well time for me to read all of the stupid comments on how people hate Trump better grab my popcorn!

  3. Heptoid says:

    Everyone calls Trump an extremist and a crazy person, when in reality, he is simple representing what all Americans want on the inside.

  4. Sergeant Roland says:

    Dems if you don’t want to be part of this, you have the freedom to leave this great, great country! Don’t turn this country as you guys did in 1860-61… if you want to be separatists, be warned, the Union always prevail… #MAGA

  5. k cooper says:

    Very presidential speech for Mr. Trump today. Not playing to his racist, divisive morons will serve him better and taking care of the needs of ALL the people will certainly win back the country. Addressing anti-Semitism and being considerate of immigrants will serve this administration well. Follow through on the agenda and points you made tonight and you will gain the support of everyone.

  6. Mr. Abel's Random Rants says:

    When DT says he’s representing the US and not the globe, there’s a standing ovation where the Ds don’t stand. Do they not represent the United States or are they still butthurt about Podesta’s password being “p@ssword” and blaming the Russians? I don’t get it.

  7. Jason Lyons says:

    Love how the left never stands to clap. Bwhahhahah greatness!!!! ???

  8. Andrew McMahon says:

    Yep, Fake News NBC hard at it, spinning a great speech into the worst thing ever.
    Keep it up Fake news, your ratings continue to dive!

  9. NDFOOTBALL says:

    Trump killed it

  10. Cesar Milanes says:

    go trump i am cuban american you the best

  11. Lane Broadwell says:

    It’s really awesome to see how salty the Democrats are. So satisfying.

  12. Bruce Wayne says:

    if you dislike what he said tonight you’re crazy

  13. David Rook says:

    What a way to slit the throats of the liberals, a immigration system built on merit, got no skills we need, no immigrating, and most definitely no welfare, so good bye refugees.

  14. Diamond LeShay says:

    Although I’m not a supporter of all the policies he touched on, this is, to me, his best speech/address yet. Well constructed, smooth transitions, a little humor and stayed relevant.

  15. Desmond Low says:

    I’m in neutral stance watching this as an Asian. But after watching this, I think American this time got themselves a true president. I speculate USD should appreciate.

  16. Vinder HD says:

    You can tell by the likes on this video that this country is split in two. The sad urbanites vs the rurals. He wants to rebuild the inner cities and the left doesn’t care. He wants peace and prosperity for ALL americans. The left doesn’t care. The left acts like this man is a facist dictator, yet they mock him openly with NO FEAR. These losers are not operating on the same software. They are determined to ruin our country with muticulteralism, forced diversity, and finally crushing debt.

    TRUMP STANDS AGAINST THE GLOBALIST SCUM! STAND WITH HIM OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. If you start a war with the armed and trained right you will be sorry lefts cucks.

  17. Stv Stv says:

    Democrats are foolish to not support. Their actions truly shows their ignorance and their selfishness.

  18. Cole Hunter says:

    Over 50% dislikes, yet virtually only positive comments….

  19. Ranger Zero says:

    Those who call Trump “Hitler” are idiots. Period.

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