President Donald Trump’s White Supremacist Problem Is Deeper Than You Think – SOME NEWS

President Donald Trump’s White Supremacist Problem Is Deeper Than You Think – SOME NEWS

Some news this week: It’s not the 1800s or 1940s, but somehow murderous Nazis and Confederate statues celebrating slaves still exist. Plus, President Donald Trump is probably a white nationalist himself — and we said ‘probably’ not ‘definitely’ so no one can sue us for slander.

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20 Responses

  1. Danti Hunt says:

    Death to all nazi scum, we must use any kind of force protect our freedom and the innocent people

  2. Maddie Barraclough says:

    How can any of you argue for the monsters who want to kill entire ethnic groups? Every single person there at that rally to support Trump and the Nazis and the Confederates is nothing but evil. It’s wrong and it’s disgusting and Heather Heyer should get a fucking statue instead.

  3. Dario Skrytek says:

    Come of it, you know as well as I do that antifa are just as bad as these neo-nazis and ethno-nationalists. They are all violent, authoritarian socialists. Antifa and the alt-right are two sides of the same coin. Both equally shitty.

  4. MrFuthisshit says:

    This is the best episode so far

  5. Stephanie Booth says:

    If you forget your history, you will repeat it. I guess you like communist, you sound like a communist.

  6. creative profile name says:

    Its weird how people say taking down statues erases history..yall dont have history books anymore apparently

  7. Max Johnson says:

    on what basis are you claiming trump doesn’t want to do Hitler stuff? Hitler never said “mass murder” in public. he said “deportation”. he instituted a massive program of “deporting” more people than could actually deported *to* any place, and nobody questioned the math. if trump got his way and the government started trying to deport millions of people en masse, what do you think would actually happen? three and a half million people get on a train, and… they just get dropped off at Grandma’s house? and he stops at Mexicans? do you really think that’s how that would go down?

  8. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    If you are offended by this video, I hope you die. No, let me amend that. I want to make you die. There, better.

  9. Jonathan Baker says:

    Your ignoring the fact that the protest by the alt right was legal and the left started the violence. I hate trump, I supported Clinton but trump was right when he said there was violence on both sides, both sides commited terrible acts of violence.

  10. joey4track says:

    America is the only country dumb enough to have a second civil war over statues from the first one.

  11. caboosemd123 says:

    So why doesnt he talk about antifa(the real fascists) Winston Churchill said. the fascists of thw future will call themselves antifascists. why to trick people into join thier cause. Fucking communists. Also why does no one ever demonize Communist scum like they do the Nazi scum. communists are much worse. and have killed more people. Look at the USSR and DPR and China they killed millions upon millions of thier own people.

  12. madestmadhatter says:

    Hey everyone about to comment in disgust and anger at cracked’s unfair and bias news, here’s friendly reminder, the people at these rallies were literal Nazis, not from WWII of course, but they are a group of people who call themselves Nazis and hold to the Nazi ideals, they were not just people with right leaning political views that people are just calling Nazis because they disagree with them, they are actual honest to goodness “genocide is a good idea” Nazis, so when making your arguments maybe consider this and work it into what you’re going to say so you don’t look like you’re defending Nazis or are ignorant of the situation when you make your comments.

  13. Dr Blue says:

    Charlottesville had nothing to do with Trump…crazy liberals and the Gestapo Media are trying to connect them. Pathetic and sad..

  14. M1k3y says:

    “There’s a Nazi over there…”
    “That’s a KKK member!”

    How does that not lead to “Are we the baddies?”

  15. Gray The Odd says:

    I would like to point out that in Germany they teach you in depth about how awful the Nazis are and what they did constantly, and how people fall for hatred, but they NEVER let any statues of Nazis or any form of memorials to them exists EVEN IN MUSEUMS. When they find Nazi stuff they desecrate and burn it, and most people in the world know our confederacy to be our equivalent of Nazis, they’ve even had several plans to launch coo’s against presidents and create nationalist dictatorships. Most Germans believe we should treat confederates the same way they shamefully remember and treat Nazis. Unfortunately many people in the south believe the north and south as equals in the civil war and even teach that in schools legally. Some even teach the south as morally superior.

    These statues reinforce that idea they teach in school and farther glorify these traitors and that these guys were heroes in the south. I live in Houston Texas and I can tell you everyone looks at these people like they were defenders of freedom, not examples of bad people. Nazis and white supremacists cant tell the difference and the part of these guys others are supporting, because of that more and more people are slowly convinced of white supremacy as the lines get continually blurred on why people remember them.

  16. Gin Harris says:

    Um, Lee didn’t fight for the confederacy because he was pro-racism, he did it because his state was pro-slavery. Virginia was his state, and at that time you were a citizen of your state before the country. If you actually looked into it, Lee would of fought for the union if Virginia hadn’t join on confederacy. I would agree with the removal of the statue if it was anyone BUT Robert E Lee. I don’t support Nazism, or running people over with cars. But I also don’t support taking down a statue saluting a great military leader, who fought not for slavery, but for his homeland which just so happened to support slavery.

    “In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral & political evil in any country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.”
    -Robert E Lee

  17. Ed Nogi says:

    Intelligence and genetics have nothing to do with each other. Trump is just racist. Plain and simple.

  18. Bummer Drummer says:

    So if one guy at Charolettesville runs over some people the blame is on ALL of the whites, but if an islamic terrorist does the same thing it’s just one act and not all muslims are like that?

    I don’t understand?

  19. ReklawLah says:

    So many racist idiots in the comments.

  20. Meister AnHero says:

    7 minutes in. Couldn’t finish watching this garbage. I miss the days when cracked was about funny shit and not neck deep in political fuckery.
    Anyway lets tear this apart.
    Point 1: Build a museum? Right, with what $? This statue IS a piece of history, and it’s fucking disgusting that so many people support tearing it down. The pyramids were built by slaves, wanna tear them down too? We can’t ignore our history, even the worst aspects of it. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. I wouldn’t want to tear down a malcom-x monument, even though malcom was militant and racist as hell and caused a lot of violence…………
    Point 2: Antifa is JUST AS BAD as the kkk or the neo-nazis. They start riots constantly, and constantly preach bigoted, hate filled bullshit like “kill all whites”
    Point 3: Look up the definition of “fascist ” . I’m sick of you far left fuck-wits using that term toward the right when you shits fit that definition perfectly. Hypocrites.
    Point 4: Trump was correct in his original statement. It wasn’t just the nazis brawling and attacking people. Hell Antifa started more fights than everyone else combined. (Don’t believe me? Then go check the videos, theres plenty of em. I was also there, I saw the destruction they wrought on everyone)
    Point 5: The south are Americans too. maybe try not calling us all racists?
    Point 6: The nazis ans kkk only made up a small % of the people there protesting to save the statue. The media (and fuckwits like you) edited videos to make it look like they were everywhere. Maybe notice it’s the same people over n over?
    Point 7: Slavery was only one aspect of the civil war and why it happened. Abolishing slavery was the final piece that started the war, but the war was primarily about allowing each state to govern itself and the rights they have, among many other smaller issues. Tearing these statues down, and focusing on only the slavery aspect, deprives americans of a huge chunk of our history. What’s the point of destroying our heritage, and our history? The statue serves as not only a monument to the confederacy’s greatest general (probably one of the best generals in US history), it also serves as a reminder of our mistakes, a reminder we need to be better than our ancestors.

    This entire thing is insane. The left is going too far. That’s WHY you’re seeing a rise in nazis, kkk, white nationalists and so on. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you push, and push, and push. When you denounce every white person as racist. As privileged. As sexist. When you treat us like the enemy for all these years, we eventually give up, and become that enemy.

    We had peace. We were finally at the peak of equality, nearing that greatest of goals… and now you want more. You demand more. You demand special rights exclusive to minorities. You demand whites be treated as monsters, simply for being white. You attack anything and everything, simply to have some “cause”.
    Thanks to people like you, who constantly ignore the injustices perpetrated by groups like BLM and Antifa, who constantly paint white, straight men as the greatest enemy… who keep destroying everything we have accomplished… thanks to you… that peace is gone. Thanks to you… our future is now dark.

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