President George W. Bush Reveals If Impressions Bothered Him

President George W. Bush Reveals If Impressions Bothered Him

Being president comes with having many impersonations done of you. President Bush reveals whether or not Will Ferrell’s impression bothered him.

Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump

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President George W. Bush Reveals If Impressions Bothered Him

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20 Responses

  1. Archer Sterling says:

    Still a better President than the Little Fingered Czar.

    I just want to add. Bush can take a joke without whining about it on twitter. Unlike the Kremlins Employee of the Month.

  2. Erica Feltner says:

    Pres Bush honestly is quite a cool dude!!!!! Had me cracking up.

  3. Allen Marks says:

    Meh, I’d rate this 9/11

  4. Gemma says:

    shoe dodging war criminal

  5. Ryan Reed says:

    Bush I used to hate u…..I never thought one man could make me miss another man but I was wrong

    We need u…..kinda

  6. Matt N says:

    Politics aside, Bush seems like a very genuine human being… unlike our current president.

  7. Debbie(: says:

    Do people actually believe he is responsible for 9/11? What was his motive? It doesn’t even make sense. Why is people putting blame on others – blame those terrorists.

  8. First Last says:

    Agent: “Sir, the country is under attack.”
    Bush: “Nigga let me finish this book.”

    – First Last

  9. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Funniest President hands down!!!

  10. Liam H says:

    Say what you will about Bush, but i’m a democrat and I still respected him as President. I may not have agreed to his policies, but he still respected our country’s basic foundations in honoring an independent and free press, freedom of religion, and wasn’t a media whore. If you knew Bush and not just the headlines you would know he’s actually a nice man that genuinely wants the greater good of American citizens.. It’s nice to see him building relationships with the vets. his book honors their sacrifices and the earnings go back to them

  11. John Issa says:

    Bush did 9/11

  12. John Issa says:

    Bush is the biggest terrorist in the world and should be sent to guantanmo

  13. George W. Bush says:

    I did it.

  14. Esteban Nunez says:

    Logan was a great movie. Saw it yesterday, I’m still crying.

  15. Caption America says:

    That moment when you realized bush is a better president than Trump

  16. Mark Sanders says:

    I recon George would be great fun at a BBQ.

  17. dukhwanee says:

    He caved to fear and declared an unilateral war against Iraq. But I also think that he didn’t have much of a choice when he was surrounded by lunatics like Tommy Franks, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney.

    While I disagree with his politics he seems genuine and pretty chill. Thanks Kimmel.

  18. femme fatale says:

    Just casually talking with a war criminal. Gross.

  19. JazGalaxy says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this “presidents on TV” thing?

    There used to be a separation between entertainment and government that is being very quickly eroded. Obama started it, but now it seems like the gates are flung wide open. We have a gameshow host as president. That should be a problem for more people.

  20. Max Mustermann says:

    You stupid Americans are never going to learn it.

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