President Nelson Shares Message of Hope during Coronavirus Outbreak

President Nelson Shares Message of Hope during Coronavirus Outbreak

President Russell M. Nelson shares a message of hope and peace during the March 2020 COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. He encourages members to take care of themselves and to carefully minister to those in need.

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77 Responses

  1. Augustine Gyawu Adjei says:

    Thank you President Nelson

    • GivinGlory says:

      For your sincere reverence is not only present and alive but adored.
      I sustain The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–day Saints as the authority on ministering unto the presences of The Holy Ghost 👼

  2. Daniel Eugenio Barragan Coronel says:

    We need to be more humble and we need to listen the VOICE OF the prophet

    • My Yellow-Submarine says:

      Listen to Jesus. He was crucified outside the city. Go to him and find life. Or else leave him all alone for the sake of being comfortable.

    • Daniel Eugenio Barragan Coronel says:

      @My Yellow-Submarine thanks for share your thoughts!

    • Sean Lancaster says:

      Everyday is uncertain times…. maybe it’s a good time to become a Mormon lol

  3. blackangel163 says:

    First in faith. First in action. We are pioneers/children of Israel for today.

  4. Adam Ford says:

    I am deeply excited about the general conference and how we can learn from it

    • Johnny Mackey says:

      They’re just preaching to the choir this year

    • c wilson says:

      I am always excited for General Conference , it will be little different this year , due to the corona virus , I did hear The Choir will be there 😉 I’m already missing , not able to attend ward meeting , Sacrament in the morning 💗 It’s for everyone health & safety , we will all have to read our scriptures every day , ” come follow me ” lessons , prepare for General Conference , so Many ways we can prepare & Pray to Heavenly Father Every Day , for this world health crisis with our prayers , all may be healed , the illness will subside bless you all my brothers sisters , Cathy nashville tn 💗

    • Em H says:

      @c wilson We are planning to dress in our Sunday clothes and hold a short sacrament meeting and Sunday School (Come Follow Me) in our home. The next week we will do the same except that we will read a conference talk. The pattern is set for us, we can still “Keep the Sabbath Day Holy” and not use this time to lounge around in our pjs and sit around doing things that aren’t worshipful. This will be a great time to get close to the Savior through “home-based church” and activities. Let’s all be joyful and prayerful and take time to examine our relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus and sing praises to them.

    • J. R. says:

      This general conference will be a big deal.

  5. Jacob Dominguez says:

    I love President Nelson!

  6. The Life adventures of Kristian says:

    President Nelson I sustain you with all my heart as president of the Lord’s true church.

  7. Julieanna DeGrasse says:

    Thank you President Nelson. We love to hear your words of comfort and love.

  8. Felipe The 3rd says:

    Come follow me has prepared us for this. Praise the prophet for this remarkable blessing

    • Raven North says:

      Glad you like the manuals, but they are not really anything more than past institute manuals of the same topics. I’m glad that the Come Follow Me books have finally gotten people to read their scriptures, but truthfully, Prophets have been asking us, challenging us, and supporting us in scripture study at home, at church, and through out our day since Joseph knelt in the grove.

    • bill cipher says:

      Technical you should praise the Lord for it

    • Pokemon Master says:

      He has been preparing us for a while now… Remember home centred church supported

    • Joseph S Dysart says:

      No, it should be thank the Prophet for his service, but Praise the Lord for this Blessing.

    • Bull Whipz says:


  9. E M says:

    We are in the best hands possible.

  10. Zachary Brown says:

    The importance of grounding ourselves in the Gospel of Jesus Christ will only get greater! This is the time for us all to repent ❤️

  11. Courtney Holland says:

    This gives me hope even though I’m a little scared because I have a low immune system due to a kidney disease I have I am also a caregiver for my dad who is fighting cancer with all his might have a great night president Nelson I love you guys stay safe and strong and stay healthy wash your hands

    • Priscilla Nakitto says:

      John Bird Amen 🙏🏾

    • Priscilla Nakitto says:

      Kirstie Ow Amen 🙏🏾

    • Stephen Mulwa says:

      Sending my prayers to all affected , you Courtney Holland may our good Lord Jesus Christ be with you give you strength during this hard moments, we are here together we shall overcome together.

    • Shawn Kalin says:

      @Kirstie Ow Also, get some fresh air and sun. Surprising how good it feels.

    • Kathy Paaaina says:

      Kirstie Ow Aloha I needed to hear your Dear sweet Spirit shining on, I have to Move away soon, I’m exhausted being treated so unkind, by Family Members, you gave me courage to carry on.

  12. Sharra Helena says:

    D&C 6:36
    Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not; fear not.

  13. kelaarin says:

    “Then we will focus on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ IN ITS FULLNESS.”

    • Steve Lauer says:

      I think he was just saying that during GC we will focus on the celebrating the beginning of the Restoration and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, which is “the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” (D&C 20:8-9). Just my thought.

    • Paula V says:

      @Green Tree – there’s no point speculating – we can either wait and see, or seek an answer from the Lord directly (that is, practice spiritual self-reliance)

    • Samuel Richardson says:

      @Lloyd Lee, I hope that everyone knows that there are two treatments to the word “restoration.” There’s the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ, and there’s the restoration of all things. If we look closely at the organization of the Church, we would see that it hasn’t changed since Joseph Smith’s time. What has changed is policy.
      Changes in policy are necessary to an organization that lives through changing times. Jesus’s church also had experienced changes in policy, such as the expansion of missionary work to the gentiles. All updates or changes in policy to the LDS Church since its inception have been useful in helping its mission to continue smoothly and uninterrupted through persecution, expanding complications and changing paradigms in the membership.

    • Whispurr C4t says:

      I know, right? I’m so curious to see what will happen! Though, as I always do, I’m trying not to be too expectant, just because I don’t want to feel disappointed or anything. AND if things are greater than I expect, it’ll be twice as spectacular!💜

    • Underdonetoast says:


  14. Nina Zwane says:

    The Lord knew what He was doing when He said we should learn through home-centered gospel. Even though we can’t go to church temporarily, we still have our scriptures and come follow me at our homes. Surely God’s timing is perfect!

    • Ryan Johnson says:

      @Steven Nelson Or, maybe it’s because the family is the most basic unit of religious worship, and we want to focus more on that. I don’t see anything wrong with teaching individuals and families how to be more spiritually independent.

      Seriously, if one hour of church in a whole week is the difference between living a happy life according to the gospel, and total apostasy, then the problem isn’t how long church is, it’s the person.

      Besides, it’s silly to claim that the church is lowering standards in an attempt to keep members in the church or whatever. It’s much more difficult to do two hours at church and one at home, than three hours all at church. I can pack my family up and go to church all three hours just fine, but going to church AND preparing and teaching a lesson at home every Sunday, that’s way more difficult. If I was going to apostatize based on how inconvenient church is, it would be more likely now than ever before.

    • Hood atheist says:

      @Steven Nelson or maybe god is not even real.

    • Jay Britton Fisher says:

      @Steven Nelson “Hoards” is a funny term to use, but people who abandon their faith will do what they will do. Those who are faithful will as well. It has been known for thousands of years that some would fall away, and it’s sad, but we don’t make their choices for them. Millions of faithful latter-day saints will continue to be blessed through their faith.

    • Santa Ted says:

      @Sal from Wyoming thanks for your comments. I’m currently living in Envigado, Colombia. I never doubted the church, but was very inactive most of my life. After coming her I reunited with the church. Our ward has several baptisms every month, including my wife, who nearly immediately knew she wanted the gospel. I’ve seen a couple leave, but not one asked for their names to be removed. I agree that the change in the block is more for promoting home scripture study than keeping people in the church. If they leave they are leaving God, not the church. I believe it might have been preparation for the next pestilence we will see, and this might just be it.

    • The Good Life says:

      @Sal from Wyoming Well said Sal!

  15. Donut Narwhal says:

    I feel like this is a sort of drill for the second coming. If that is the case, isn’t it amazing that our Heavenly Father is kind enough to let us practice?

    • kibirango allan says:

      Something to think about…🤔

    • Toasty One says:

      I felt the same way.. Even about a month before this whole corona virus, I had a strong inclination to start disaster prepping that came out of nowhere. Something like a strong urge kept telling me to do so even though there was no immediate threat or sign of one.

    • Gryphex says:

      I’ve been thinking this exact thing for days. It’s nice to hear someone else say it too.

    • Jill Dawson says:

      I felt the same thing. This is a wake up call. We’ve all been told for decades to have food storage. It’s amazing how many don’t even have the 2 weeks storage the CDC is suggesting. Hopefully everyone will be more mindful to make sure they have sufficient oil in their lamps.

    • KateyM9 says:

      @Mr10Residentevilfan I know the scripture about the Lord coming like a thief in the night but could you please include the scripture references about the other things you posted.

  16. Vanessa A says:

    I needed this so much today. Thank you President Nelson and thank the Lord. “I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say” that reminder brought me to tears.

  17. Ben Holladay says:

    Inspired to introduce home-centered gospel study just months before COVID-19 hit?!! What a remarkable privilege for me and my family to have a prophet of God in this day!

  18. Holly odii says:

    Thank you sweet Savior, Jesus Christ for sending us a message of comfort through our Holy Prophet, Russell M Nelson.

  19. msmarj01 says:

    This message is a blessing to the world. Such a personal and sincere message.

  20. caroline stone says:

    Beautiful message, even for a less active member like myself.

    • Liv F says:

      Time is running out, we need you on this side 😊

    • Daniel Martinez says:

      Never too late to return. I am 39 and was inactive since 18 yrs old until last October. February 29th I myself baptized my family. Was a beautiful experience. I am so happy I made the choice to come back to the Lord and the gospel. 🙏🏽

    • Filikihetotonu says:

      @Caroline Stone: hope this finds you well. I was less active for a very very very long time. I now am blessed to hold a temple recommend and try to use it often. I sincerely hope you’ll come back.

    • aanibelle says:

      Me too

    • David Harden says:

      Caroline, I have found that we are never happier than when we are following the Savior’s commandments. I hope you will come back so that you can find greater peace and joy in your life.

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