President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

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20 Responses

  1. Naren Krithivas says:

    Ellen gets a medal but not Edward Snowden?

  2. ArsPK23 says:

    Ellen’s crying cuz Trump is our next president lol

  3. GT2 says:

    thank you Dear president obama from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Elisabeth Thunderberry says:

    Give it up.?

  5. Kassie Mitchell says:

    These comments, there is no pleasing Trump supporters. They don’t even want
    to celebrate the men and women he honored who made it easier for them to
    stalk this type of stuff and be a troll. Damn!

  6. D LG says:

    “Renowned character actors, like the guy from Space Jam”

  7. Mike Daley says:

    Amazing! I guarantee we will miss him and how he lived his life for good.

  8. RPD1175 says:

    Kareeem! JKD! ✊?


  9. Laverne Kahookele says:

    I hope the tradition continues now that there will be a new regime come
    January 2017. Thank you President Obama for your hospitality and kamaaina
    spirit. Mahalo!

  10. Aravindan Umashankar says:

    Eloquence Thy Name Barack Obama ! But beyond the riches of his words , the
    leader that he was will be missed ! His legacy will however keep towering

  11. Michaël Niel says:

    34:16 Obama’s wink ! So funny

  12. fwsunshine2121 says:

    Outstanding in every way. Thank you, President Obama.

  13. Emmanuel Emmanuel says:

    just Amazing they really make American Dream again.

  14. LHZ says:

    Mostly democrats who have supported Obama what a surprise

  15. mickeysgv says:

    Tom Hanks definitely deserved that award!!! best actor in my opinion.

  16. Mhambi Musonda says:

    President Barack Obama a President of grace and class Bill Gates Michael
    Jordan Cicely Tyson Ellen Tom Hanks and The others great people who helped
    our country IN big ways

  17. ✿◠‿◠ ♥ Kɪʀɴéᴀ ᑕᖺᗩﬡﬡᙓᒪ 1 ♫ says:

    Congratulations ****** You give me a smile Mister the President OBAMA :)As
    of January 20, 2017 I’m unsubscribing, don’t want to see and hear D. TRUMP,
    he does not deserve to represent the United States at the White House!

  18. Supermovies says:

    Definitely gonna miss him. I’m not even American.

  19. Kids Games Online says:

    Thank you Dear president. You made the world a better place we never will
    forget you!

  20. Chiamaka says:

    Where’s Oprah?