President Obama Delivers a Statement

President Obama Delivers a Statement

The White House

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20 Responses

  1. skyhunter says:

    That was a fucking landslide and the people have spoken

  2. georgemiser says:

    America will NEVER know what they’ve lost. Be free, Mr. Obama! You can say
    and do whatever you want now. Congress hates Trump so they’ll do the rest.

  3. Pixema says:

    “We have to remember that we’re actually all part of one team”

  4. Carol Chen says:

    Obama is one of the finest president America has ever had. He is well
    spoken, level-headed, approachable and actually fit to be a president.
    Respect and admiration to him. 

  5. CptnJCFG says:

    Best president, best leader, best example of my lifetime. God bless you Mr

  6. mmarieden says:

    Well you certainly were the classiest president. You did a good job
    considering the constraints your donors put on you. Wall Street surrounded
    you and infiltrated your administration, and that’s why instead of
    punishing the criminals who almost put US into a great depression, you
    bailed them out. Instead of changing the healthcare system to single
    payer(like many countries do), you forced people into the debt that is the
    rising costs of medical care. Sanders had the right idea all along, but
    establishment Democrats laughed at him. The American people were in
    agreement with his ideas. He could have beaten Trump by a landslide, but
    the DNC pushed forward another bought and paid for establishment pawn.
    Trump is the backlash of that betrayal.

  7. Alexander Mikah says:

    Obama just said, “President Elect Trump” oh life is great!!!!

  8. rifka clerveau says:

    Please don’t leave us like this ???

  9. Patricia RosaCortes says:

    Obama ? always so respectful & positive

  10. Jay Evans says:

    Did anyone catch the fact that Obama choked on the word success and almost
    said sexist @ 1:37

  11. Dire wolf says:

    Took President Obama 8 years to sign all his executive orders
    Will take a President Trump less than a day to erase (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  12. Sir_Sethery says:

    4:24 Why does Biden look like he’s about to burst into tears?

  13. Krypteia says:

    I look through the comments and see a telling trend. Hillary supporters
    express disdain and rejection of Trump and his ideals. Trump supporters
    express disdain for HRC, but they also fling hatred, vitriol, slander and
    slurs upon their fellow Americans. That says a lot and seems to portend
    darkness for the American future.

  14. Paige Arbuckle says:

    Dear Obama, ❤️

  15. Taylor Pastore says:

    “The sun will come up” lmao it was raining when I woke up I took it as a
    sign Trump one

  16. Richard Johnson says:

    I heard a rumor that Darth Vader is Luke’s father can anybody confirm this?

  17. Alexey Filippenko says:

    If only Barack could have ran for the 3rd presidency…

  18. ZUZAINFINITY says:

    One of the most humble presidents we ever had.

  19. Hafizul Faizal says:

    joe biden be lookin like hes the next president.

  20. Austin Parsons says:

    lol did he just say sexist 1:34